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How To Spot These 3 Internet Marketing Myths

Finding real success with Internet marketing involves getting ahead of the crowd by avoiding mistakes and staying away from myths that do more harm than good. Oh yes, there are quite a few of these fables, and they’re often taken as the truth by people who are just starting out in this business. You’re about to read about three of these fables so that you can once more believe wholeheartedly in what you’re doing.

The first online internet marketing myth is that if you get ranked highly by the search engines, you will make a lot of money. This is not true because getting traffic does not guarantee profits.…

Some Tips to Succeed in Website Flipping

In website flipping as with any other career or business, the most qualified person to give out advice about it is one who has “been there, done that.” Jay Piecha, or “Suite J” to his numerous clients is one such expert. He started out as  a web designer but transitioned on to being a website flipper, designing and creating niche sites then selling them for a profit. Many of his startup sites can be found on the Warrior Forum.

I was given the opportunity of interviewing him and he offered a lot of useful information that I’m sure many of those just starting out would really welcome.…

3 Profit Pulling Tips For Facebook Marketing

Social media marketing is growing with each passing day, which is why it’s important for Internet marketers to realize the value of sites like Facebook. Legions of businesses and solo online entrepreneurs are already making their marks there. You can find all kinds of white and black hat marketers working their businesses at Facebook. Employing and staying with the ethical methods of doing business will yield the best results that will assure your good standing. Continue reading to discover several excellent Facebook marketing tips that already are standing the test of time.

The first Facebook marketing tip is obvious – start adding friends to your network.…

3 Simple Steps To Become A Better Article Writer

Among internet marketers, writing articles, or outsourcing it, has become extremely popular only because it works so well. But it’s apparent, for many reasons, that there’s a ton of IM marketers that still do not “get it” when it comes to writing high quality articles. Most amateurs assume that article writing is easy. But that does not mean that you cannot learn how to do it.

It’s also not difficult to learn how to write articles that others like to read.

Another valuable skill available to you is writing articles that generate traffic to your offers.

With practice and time you may even get to the point where you want to do all your own article writing.…

Keep Away From the Top Internet Marketing Mistakes

Everybody makes mistakes. Most of these mistakes, even if you don’t want to admit it, can be avoided pretty simply. This is true across the board. It is certainly true in Internet Marketing. New Internet marketers, especially, are known for making mistakes that are usually easy to avoid. These mistakes get made for a variety of reasons. Making a mistake is not anything to get upset over. In Internet marketing, unfortunately, making those mistakes will decide whether you earn a full time living or just waste a lot of your time and money. The good news is that most of the mistakes you make as a newbie can easily be avoided if you use your common sense.…