Affiliate Marketing Mentor Program

Since I have started my affiliate marketing mentor program I have seen some very exciting things happen and I am super excited to see these results in action in 2009.My first student in my mentor program has seen some very exciting results from what he has built while working with me. Bryan was telling me that he is now being followed from super blogger Gary V from Wine Library TV and his brother who have shown interest in working with Bryan and his site. Getting noticed by a celebrity like Gary and his brother is a huge step in the right direction as far as networking is concerned. Networking has many major benefits that we have all read about from time to time, but when you start seeings the results from that networking is when big things can happen for you.I never really looked into the buying and selling of domain names before. Since Greg has joined my mentor program my eyes have been opened. It almost feels to me that I am learning more from working with Greg then he has from me. You see, since talking with Greg (who is one hell of a nice guy) I have been able to not only buy new domains for sites I am going to be building that are keyword rich, but are also going to be worth more money down the road if I decide to sell them.So by being able to get domains that are going to be worth more down the road, my net worth is going to also increase. Well, maybe not my net worth but my online portfolio will that’s for sure . I am not saying the other domains I have are all junk, there not. I always bought domain names for SEO value before. Now I am buying domains for SEO and Resale Value. Two birds with one stone type of thing.So you see, my affiliate marketing mentor program has seen some very positive benefits so far, and all the way around as well. What I need to work on next is finding a way to bring everyone together so 2 heads become 4 and 4 heads become 8. This way, we all get to see some major results together.

If you are interested in learning Affiliate Marketing online you can visit my free Affiliate Marketing Mentor Program page on my site for details. Maybe together ever all make 2009 the best year possible.

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