Online Business Marketing For Offline (Or Online) Businesses

The number one tool for online business marketing, is probably the autoresponder. This is a service that allows online and offline businesses to automatically keep in touch with customers and prospects. Online marketers can actually fully automate separate streams of income including the sales transaction with this powerful tool, but it is also vital for offline businesses.The more you are able to have prospects and clients thinking about you, the more money you will be able to generate. Growing a list of newsletter subscribers will do exact that. The premier method for list building is to give something valuable away for free. Maybe it is a coupon with a big discount. Perhaps it is a free report with valuable advice. Whatever it is, make it worthwhile.You first will get your prospects or clients to visit your “squeeze page, ” which is the web page that makes the give away offer, and it has a place for them to leave their name and email address in order to get it. As soon as they fill it in, they will find themselves on the thank you page which informs them to go to their email inbox and find the email that you just sent them.When they open the email, they first must click a confirmation link which verifies that they are the ones who are asking for this information. This protects them from being spammed and it protects you from being convicted of sending spam. As soon as they click the link, another email appears in their inbox with the link to download their free report, or to their coupon page that they will print.They now will get all the emails you have already written in advance that will promote your business, and hopefully provide value so they keep wanting to open them when they come. You might have a year’s worth, or more, already written, in this set it and forget system. You also can send out “live broadcasts” which are new emails for when you want to communicate something timely.There are many online business marketing methods besides this. If you are not using online business marketing, you are leaving money on the table.

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