Targeting Mobile Browsers

Over recent times, mobile Internet consumption has expanded in an exponential rate. A good portion of this is caused by the achievements mobile phone devices like Google&rsquos Android platform, Apple&rsquos iPhone, RIM&rsquos Blackberry, and naturally Windows cellphones.

When phones first became Internet capable, it was common for developers to enable their web pages to work with the WAP browsers. Current mobile phones less complicated better, the browsers work with standards in-line with their larger computer brethren. It’s led many developers think that there’s no need to generate versions with their websites that work with WAP browsers.

While which might be true, some provisions  must be made to insure your users will have immediate access in your content using the slower Online connections provided by their phones. Below i have outlined a few tips to make certain your site will match your visitors on his or her mobile phones.


Making a mobile version of your respective website begins with creating a sub-domain of your current site. Most users have grown to be familiar with appending &ldquom&rdquo or &ldquomobile&rdquo which means your URL reads or After making a sub-domain, you have the choice in how we would like mobile site to be effective. Either it’s rather a mirror of one’s main sites content with a custom CSS file designed for mobile browsers or you can choose to make a completely independent site that possesses his own content that you simply feel would benefit mobile users.


An easy strategy to a mobile compliant website is always to create a customized CSS file that targets cellular devices. Utilizing the media type declaration on your CSS file. By way of example adding:

<link rel=&rdquostylesheet&rdquo href=&rdquomobile.css&rdquo type=&rdquotext/css&rdquo media=&rdquohandheld&rdquo />

will simply load the CSS file that you just define (mobile.css) each time a handheld set up is detected. This method might not exactly work with all mobile browsers and devices, but should cover most of them.

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