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By now it is unlikely that you haven’t heard about In case you couldn’t, is a portal through which people offer and are hired to do quick jobs for five dollars per job. The primary idea is to offer things that you wouldn’t mind doing or that you can do quickly for five bucks. Obviously this isn’t supposed to be a full time career but it is still a really good way to bring in some extra dollars that you can use to, say, go to a movie or to build other areas of your business. The nice thing is that you can take on jobs through that you can do when you have spare time. Here are some things you can offer.

Offer your services as a teacher for five minutes. You can offer the basics on search engine optimization, how to get links, how to compose a headline, etc. Stick with things you know that involve either Internet marketing at large or specifically deal with your niche. This way you can establish yourself as an expert in the field to beginners and build your reputation.

If you play your cards well you may even be able to bring in big money by offering your services as a mentor, coach, or consultant in the future.

Put your Photoshop talents to work for others and money for you. You already know that designing something from scratch can take quite a lot of time. Five dollars isn’t worth that kind of effort. Touchup work is ideal for a five dollar fee. It doesn’t take long to adjust lighting and color saturation on a photo or to sharpen the edges on a design. Doing many of these in an hour can help you really get the best return on your investment of time. Keep in mind that small jobs like this may someday become something much bigger for you.

Offer to start a Facebook or Twitter account for people who are computer challenged. There are many businesses that want to use social media. But, they do not know how to get started. You are knowledgeable about creating pages and accounts. You know how quickly this can be done. Do these things for other people, for a price. Set up 10 or so a day. Then give a few tips on how to make social media more beneficial. They will like that you are giving this info at no charge. You might get various gigs to help with social media projects.

With you can turn your spare time into time that is profitable for you. While this will never be a full time income for most people it’s a great way for the extra money that is needed for special projects. If you plan your work and your time wisely you can make quite a good bit of money.

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