Factors You Might Want To Think About When Deciding On E-mail Accounts You Require

One of the things you need to consider when you are organising new managed hosting servers is how many email accounts you need through your managed hosting service. There are several things to bear in mind when deciding how many accounts you will need.

You need to consider how many people will be using email on your uk managed hosting account. The number of email accounts on the managed server will have to be sufficient enough to meet the demand. The exact number will vary depending on if everyone who will be accessing their emails requires an individual account on the managed server or whether multiple users will be accessing one email account.

Generally with managed servers the hosts are happy to create either a large or small number of email accounts depending on what you want. You can access email on your managed hosting server through a mail client such as Microsoft Outlook or through webmail providers. Different operating systems have different mail clients so if you have a favourite mail client, bear this in mind when choosing an operating system for your managed hosting service. When it comes to webmail providers, you should be able to utilise the one of your choice on any managed servers no matter what operating system they are running. You can choose from a variety of webmail providers who will not charge you for setting up email accounts with them.

Do not forget that some of your managed hosting allocated disk space will be taken up by emails sent and received through a mail client. With a webmail account you are allocated a certain amount of disk space, so by using such an account you are saving disk space on your managed server. With webmail you can check your account from any computer that has an internet connection and a browser, which you couldn’t do with a mail client. The downside of webmail is that you do not have your emails so to speak but instead only access to them and this access is completely controlled by the webmail provider.

Unlike a mail client, you need to be online to access, compose and/or edit emails on a webmail account. Some people also worry how secure their personal information on their webmail account may be and who may be receiving it without their knowledge.

In conclusion there are some primary things to consider when it comes to deciding how many email accounts you need with your managed hosting service. Determine how many users on the managed server will require individual accounts, how many may be sharing accounts and how many need multiple accounts for one person. Also remember that emails via a mail client use up part of the allocated disk space of managed servers. You can use webmail instead of a mail client in order to use up less space on the managed server since the webmail has its own disk space allotted to it and in addition it can be conveniently accessed from any computer that has internet connectivity. The drawbacks of webmail however include controlled access by the provider and the necessity of being online to access, edit and compose emails.

Using a mail client on your managed hosting server will avoid the online requirement for accessing emails and give you control of them.

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