Site Navigation – The Need for Maximum Performance

If you have ever made a site that just totally failed, then we really can sympathize with that lost feeling. Yes, you will need to get a lot of things right, and of course our topic of discussion concerns site navigation. There is more to a successful site other than navigation, but you still need to understand what you have to do with it.  experts academy online bonus

While we do not usually use the search field function, you should still include it because you never know who will use it. You won’t believe how much difference having a simple search box can make because people that are too lazy to look around will most definitely want to search throughout your site to get what they want.

There are so many things that can annoy your visitors, and you can get a good idea just by thinking about your own habits when you are on the net. You can very easily find a script for that for free if you search at Google, but that would be for non-blog platforms. Always think in terms of your visitor, and that is why you will often see nav links at the bottom of pages either in the footer or just above it. Whenever in doubt – test it out; and that means tracking clicks on those links at the bottom to measure how effective they are. After all, you never know which element of your site can impress your visitors!

Site maps are important for SEO purposes, mainly, but you should really make use of them for your blogs and even HTML sites. Regardless of the size of your website, you should add a sitemap to your website or blog so that the search engines and as well as the visitors are able to navigate through your website from a central point. If you’re using WordPress for your website or blog then you can use a simple plugin to generate the sitemap for you. You probably know about them if you have been involved with IM even for a short while.

As you move ahead, you will discover more and more ways of helping your visitors navigate throughout your website. Navigation is not rocket science, do not over-complicate the matter; just learn what you need and put it in place. experts academy review non stop trafic formula review

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