Link Building Basics – Assessing The Competition

There are a couple approaches to assess the strength of your competition. Eventually, you’ll need to run an in depth link assessment on your major competitors to determine who may be linking to their site, how they obtain their links, and what their own strengths and weaknesses might be. In the long term, you’d like a lot of the websites that link to the competitors to link to you as well. Occasionally they will, oftentimes they won’t. Which ones you focus on and also just how much effort you put into that, is really a case of balancing resources.If you’re thinking about new ways to speed up back link building you should check out Bookmarking Demon or SYNND . When you improve your SERP’s rankings and grab more visitors you should ensure your CRM system is able to support that growth and your clients receive the best service possible. As an example of great Customer relationship management system for small business you could check out Office Autopilot.

It’s generally easier to go find your very own links, once you’ve exhausted the directories and verticals that link to your competitors. In the term, you can at least distinguish the key competitors, the ones who keep showing up on the search results where you want to be and do a little thing. Go set up the Google Toolbar in case you haven’t already got it. Flip on the advanced features to enable PageRank. Or, for those who have Mozilla Firefox, get the SearchStatus plugin. Once you’ve done that, go look at the “toolbar PageRank” of your main competitor, and evaluate it towards your own score. The toolbar is a neat tool that Google features which allows you to perform Google searches directly from your browser.

In addition, it has a set of advanced features which offer some information about any web page that you view in your browser. Among these is a graphical display of Google’s “PageRank score” for that web page, showed as a number from 1-10. Although this is not a perfect representation of the specific value, because the real number includes a much bigger range than 1-10, it does allow you to quickly evaluate the strength of a competitor’s links. If your major competition is beating you in this area, you can still do a lot with keyword strategy, web page structure and optimized pages, but it’s a good indicator of where you stand.

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