How to Come Up With New Business Ideas

What is the difference between any old small business idea and one that really works?

It’s an idea that really clicks with YOU. There are hundreds if not thousands of small business ideas that would probably work great in your situation. But if those ideas don’t get you excited they are worthless.

Having said that here are 4 great resources you can use to research small business ideas. Browse through the library of other people’s thoughts and pick the one for you.

1) The Warrior Forum The Warrior Forum Community 

This is the number one online business and internet marketing forum on the web. People from all over the world are active in this forum every day and there are some amazing ideas coming out of the woodwork every day. Many people are running their own successful online business and they share their success and strategies in the warrior forum. Just the other day a thread was started by a guy who has several hundred websites all making him a couple dollars a day. Needless to say he was making good money. Of course he had to put a tremendous amount of work into his business model but it paid off. 

The neat thing about this post was the author did an amazing job outlining what he’d done and make it abundantly clear that anyone else who wanted to could also successfully use his approach to build their own business. This post alone had over 500 replies and counting. That type of mass response from the forum public is also a good gauge of the quality of the post. 

Now before you go thinking that everybody is now implementing that business model, consider that MOST people will read it, say “oh that’s nice” and never do anything else. If you simply start implementing the plan yourself you will be far far ahead of most people. 

 The warrior forum is full of extremely smart and helpful online business professionals. Many of them already have their own successful online business and love to help others who are starting out. As with any forum you’ll have people disseminating bad information or who may not even know what they are talking about. Focus on the success story posts. Many folks will share what they are doing that works. 

The warrior forum is also a great place to ask questions or get input on your small business ideas. Often people will be able to identify money you may be leaving on the table. Participating in the warrior forum is also a great way to build long term relationships and meet new people! 

2) Overcome Everything Inc. Company Blog 

This is the company and business blog of Tellman Knudson and his digital publishing company Overcome Everything Inc. He has 19 full time employees and nearly every one of them posts to this blog each week. You’ll find an incredible range of small business ideas covered. From copywriting to tech work, to business finance to improving your email marketing. Frequently people from the tech team will blog about their experiences with a new piece of technology. For spot on finance advice look no farther than posts written by Lindsey from Overcome Everything’s finance department. She brings a view of finance to the table that cannot be found elsewhere. Her posts are all content and no fluff.  Tellman’s blog is quite different from most small business blogs. He asks nearly all his employees to take time each week to write a post for the company blog. These posts are in the employees voice and usually focus on a particular issue or skill that is within the individuals expertise. You’ll find posts from tech guys, copywriters, finance people and marketing guys.  

3)  Copy Blogger 

This is an incredibly popular blog written by… surprise- copywriters! Their posts are well thought through and applicable to many different areas of business. And because it’s written by copywriters it has a spark to it that is missing from many other blogs. The regular readership here is amazing. People keep coming back for more. You could simply spend a hour or two a day reading CopyBlogger and never need to buy a copywriting course. There are so many small business ideas here it’s mind boggling. The CEO of CopyBlogger, Brian Clark started the blog in 2006 and has built it to where it is today.  CopyBlogger was started by Brian Clark in 2006 and has acquired a large and loyal readership. People come back to CopyBlogger every day for copywriting and blogging advice. It’s all content too, you won’t find fluff or rambling regurgitated information here. The blog itself is like a huge free copywriting course available to anyone with the time to learn and apply what they teach. 

4) 37 Signals Blog

This is the company blog of 37signals a company famous for not just their products but also for their unique outlook on business and web app development. You may have heard about some of their services, or even use them yourself. Basecamp, Campfire, Backpack, Ta-da List, Writeboard and Highrise are their flagship services. These services are highly regarded in the business world, both online and offline and luckily for us much of the base concepts and methods of thinking that go into the development of these products are outlined on their company blog.

You’ll find a vast store of small business ideas on this blog. Many of their core concepts are applicable to almost any area of business. As they say in one of their posts (that is also a job description): “Simplicity isn’t enough – clarity is where it’s at” If you’ve ever used any 37signals service or read their material you probably already know they are masters of clarity. 37 Signals blog is unique in that they are a highly successful software and online service development company who also talks about what they do that works so well. They essentially share their “secrets” with the world in hopes of making a positive difference. Their belief is that online web applications need to be as simple and easy to use as possible. They contain only the features needed and nothing more. Pretty much the opposite of any Microsoft product. Their customers rave about the usability of 37 signals products, from high end wedding planners to information marketers. Once you understand the core concepts that drive 37 Signals it will open up a whole new way of thinking for you. 

Hopefully one or more of these resources will click for you and you’ll find yourself returning again and again for more small business ideas and inspiration!

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