Provide Prospects and Customers Ways to Connect with You

Thinking strategically how you will find, convert and retain more customers and prospects is paramount to sustaining success in a recession and beyond. Here are some strategies to try.

Free E-Books

Free E-Books are a excellent additions to your Effective Business Plans, and a wonderful way to mine prospect contact data and provide that prospect or customer with your experienced advice and expertise. These also have a viral nature, often being passed along via email.

RSS Feed to Your Blog

Blogging is an excellent way to provide prospects and customers great information, tips and advice on a daily basis. Be sure to offer your RSS Feed as part of your Web Marketing so the prospect and customer can get your daily blog straight to their email inbox or updated in their RSS favorites. The RSS Feed on your blog is a wonderful way to earn business over time. It also helps to capture a prospect’s email address. Solidifying your relationships with existing customers using an RSS Feed is incredibly efficient and effective.

Avoid Excessive Use of Auto Responders

I am all about technology and automating processes. But many prospects will be turned off by an email communication that is sent to everyone. They are not special. Find ways to personalize within your auto response systems to show a prospect you think he or she is special. It is worth the added step.

Provide Prospects Ways to Connect

Social media and networking is a great platform to connect and retain customers. It is a forum to connect personally with those existing customers and prospects looking at your business. Be more open to integrating nor just your company but the people behind your company into the social networks. You will exponentially increase customer conversions and tend to retain your customers for longer periods.

The Art of the Hand Written Thank You Note

Business people rarely do this anymore in the technology age. By sending a thank you to a prospect for considering your business or to an existing customer for their continued business shows that you care. It separates you from the pack and really engages the prospect and customer on that emotional level, which is key.

Show Your Customers You Care

At the end of the day, if a prospect knows you have the essential skills, products and services to help them, it is the “x” factor that closes the deal. Showing them you truly care about them will seal the deal. Caring taps that sub-conscious area, providing an emotional connection. Don’t just engage, really connect with your prospects. The same goes for your customers. Caring strengthens loyalty. Never forget your customers. Help them. Care about them. They will stay loyal and refer you great customers year in and year out.

Get Back to Business Basics – Finding Ways to Engage Customers

Think of ways you can better engage your prospects and existing customers. It is well worth the effort, particularly in this coming age of the new customer who values it. Or are just going back to the way business used to be? We used to earn it! We earned customers by nurturing a great relationship. It isn’t necessarily a new type of customer, it is just that customers are running the show and markets now, not the businesses.

About The Guest Author –  Frank Goley is a Business Turnaround Consultant for ABC Business Consulting. He is an expert in business planning, marketing, strategic planning, business turnarounds, online marketing and search engine optimization (SEO). Frank has written over 135 Business Success Articles and E-Books. He is author of a Business Plan Book and writes the Business Success Blog. Frank really enjoys helping companies to start, grow, turnaround and succeed! 

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