Drawing good traffic from search engines make real money online?

How to get free search engine traffic? Lots of people ask this question on a daily basis when searching for solutions to improve online activities. It is common knowledge that websites drawing good traffic from search engines make real money online. The web visitors that land on your web pages usually come from major search engines like Google and Yahoo! You can’t increase free search engine traffic unless you have something that SE want.

Good knowledge of how Google works and what mechanisms underlie online marketing promotion makes tasks less challenging. You just need to start with search engine optimization, making your content suitable for search engine indexation and appealing to SE by keyword relevance, density and content quality. Every search engine uses different algorithms to rank a page, you need to be aware of these when optimizing your site. The most commonly evaluated factors are the quality of the content, the number and the quality of links, inbound links, but the list is a lot longer.

Meta tags are also important when you have to attract more free search engine traffic. You can’t see the meta tags in the web format, they are part of the HTML code and included there only for the SE spiders to read. The problem is that online advertisers really abused of metatags, which forced search engine to move focus to other parameters in order to properly evaluate the value of  website. You could read contradictory opinions about the necessity to optimize meta tags, but one thing is for sure: it doesn’t hurt to have them optimized.

Another good word of advice is to mainly focus on the three main search engines: Google, Yahoo! and Bing (former MSN). The results in the other search engines are pulled from the main ones; hence if you rank high with Google, you will derive free search engine traffic from the rest too. Study the usage specificity of each search engine in particular. It is not easy to get admission with Google; the SE has more complex selective criteria than ever. You’ll get in if you offer interesting, unique content and valuable links.

Stay informed! Find out about the dark side of Internet marketing and keep your distance. You can make a mistake unintentionally, but this won’t save you from a penalty.

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