What to Avoid When Putting together an SEO Plan

Most newbies to the field of search engine optimization make mistakes, because the field requires some study to achieve mastery. Here are some of the most common errors so you can steer clear of them.

When you create your site’s content, don’t make the mistake of overusing certain keywords. The best keyword density for your content is between 4% and 5%, so don’t go above this. If you want the search engines to rank your site well, you should avoid using your keywords too often, as this can lower your site’s ranking and value. Always include only those keywords that are relevant to your content. And when you feel the need to re-use the keyword, try using its synonyms instead because this would give you thumbs up with the search engines, since they use a technology called LSI or Lateral Semantic Indexing. So you have to be careful that you don’t engage in keyword stuffing, as the search engines will penalize you for this. Always be sensible when adding keywords to your content. Don’t go out of the context or write content that is poor in quality because of bad keyword density. Make sure your most important keyword appears in the title and first sentence of your content. The more you adhere to these principles, the better your ranking will be, and the longer you’ll be able to keep it. Many webmasters focus only on outbound links and don’t realize the importance of internal linking, which is another SEO mistake. The search engines are impressed by sites that make good use of internal linking (such as Wikipedia), so you should do this as much as possible. There are many reasons why search engines favor sites that have good internal linking but the biggest is that when you have a good network of internal links, it shows that your site is resourceful and people will be able to find what they want on it easily by following these links. Creating an internal link is nothing more than putting your targeted keywords in anchor text and having it link to another place on your website. You don’t, however, want to simply add links randomly. It’s essential that your internal links are logically arranged in a way that does not confuse either people who visit your site or the search engines.

Don’t make the mistake of leaving images without the ALT tags. Include ALT tags on all of the images on your site as the search engines think this is important. The underlying reason for these tags is so that your readers can tell what an image is about while it is still loading. However it can assist you with your search engine placement. Make sure the keywords that you include in the ALT tag are okay for both humans and the search engines.

It’s easy to optimize your website for search engines, but knowing some basics will help you focus your efforts from the beginning.

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