Pay Per Click Marketing – The Bes Way to Buy Instant Traffic

Whilst it is possible to buy instant traffic with Pay per click marketing, you undoubtedly Will need to have a long term traffic tactic and a main issue with that in Search engine optimization (SEO).

Yes, Pay-per-click is a buy instant traffic, however it that’s all, it come and goes. Helping your Search engine optimisation appropriate guarantees a comfortable flow of traffic long-term and that’s why it’s such an important follicle for your internet marketing method.

So, after you have identified the keywords and keyword phrases you need to opitimize around you now need to build content pages around those keywords and optimize them so that the Search Engines index and rank them highly.

Don’t forget – Content rules, it’s what the Net is there for!

Now, Seo has lots of people confused and tearing their hair out. I’m here to express to you now, it isn’t as tough as you think…Once you are aware how it’s done!

It is possible to actually have a web page “SEO’d” in a below 5 minutes – don’t believe me, well…continue reading!

There are professional website page software products around such as Xsite Pro which was especially created with Web marketers in mind. It can make refining your website pages really easy. However, even without such products, getting your Seo right isn’t difficult.

So, here is a very quick checklist for optimizing you content pages.

Content Page Optimization:

-> Your Title Tag should include the buying keyword

-> Any Headline Tags (H1, H2, H3) must include the buying keyword. (Always have at least one Headline tag) -> Images should have “alt tags” with buying keyword included.

-> The opening paragraph of each page must include your buying keyword

-> At least 500 words on each page

-> Buying keyword density of around 5% (that’s 5 times in every hundred words or 25 times in a 500 word article:>) )

-> Buying keyword should a mixture of bold, italic and underlined throughout page.

That is certainly not a definitive guide to SEO. However, it is more than enough for your content websites and will allow you, over time, to get decent levels of traffic from the search engines (for free!)

Final word, the more you optimize your content pages / sites, the more you’ll receive of the following:

1. Free search engine traffic.

And…if you indulge in PPC Advertising as well…

2. Better AdWords Quality Score

-> Lower CPC -> Higher Ad Position -> Better CTR

So, to end off, say you have researched a few buying key phrases for your specialized niche. You’d then produce five individual pages each of which focuses on among the keywords. You would optimize each page as I described above. In time, traffic will quickly flow from the major search engines!

If you undertake this correctly, with time, you will quickly see increasingly more traffic from engines like google than you do out of your Pay per click efforts!

So, you’ll will probably be getting at least double or maybe more targeted traffic with out shelling out anything more!

An easy but very effective long-term targeted traffic strategy – good luck

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