Are You Committing These three Adwords Mistakes?

There are many ways to drive targeted traffic to your website, both paid and free, but when you’re talking about getting fast results, nothing beats Google AdWords. There’s no question in anyone’s mind about how effective it is; in fact it’s extremely effective and almost without parallel. You absolutely can become highly proficient with Adwords, but it does take time and investment. If you don’t put in the time and effort, then you’ll end up making mistakes that will put a dent in your wallet. We hope you’ll agree that it’s better to learn mistakes from others, first, rather than first-hand; and that’s the case with Adwords mistakes. Today, we’re happy to help you avoid three types of Adwords mistakes, and that’s three less to make in the PPC arena. 

There seems to be the kind of AdWords advertiser who just has to be in the numero uno position in the SERPS. That may seem highly desirable because you’re thinking that the most number of people will see the ad in that number one spot. But when you’re working with Google AdWords, you need to think out of the box. Here, one of the main reasons why the top ads get the most clicks is not because they want your product but simply because it’s the first ad. People love to snoop and take a look at something for a millisecond and no more.They will click away from your site just as fast as they clicked onto it. The CPC for that number spot isn’t cheap in most niches, and it’s ridiculous to pay for it, we think. What you actually want to do is place your bids so you’re farther on down from the action – like in 3 or 4 locations. The people who read that far down, which is really not that far, are much more serious about what they’re looking for. You’ll also discover your clicks will be costing you a lot less down there. However, it’s not hard to get your ads in that sweet spot area, and a lot of times you just have to get the feel for the particular market. 

Avoiding split testing ads is another big AdWords mistake. Using Google AdWords unique abilities of testing your ads against each other gives you the opportunity to find the one performing the best for you. Being an advertiser, you want to know where your profits are growing and where you are losing money so that you can aim to increase profits. Now, when you don’t split test your ads, it would be like aiming in the dark. Show testing your ads is the best way to see how people ill respond to each individual ad. You can have 2 or 3 ads in the same ad group that rotate as the traffic flows through with Google AdWords. Once you find out the best performing ad, you can weed out the other ones and add a new ad to test against it. Going through this process continuously to keep your campaign refined is the best way to boost your profits. Your efforts of testing your ads will pay off at some point when you have a fantastic ad bringing you huge profits. 

Avoid making this last mistake by not stuffing too many keywords into only one ad group. As an AdWords advertiser, you need to test your ads to make necessary changes and to improve performance. If you make the mistake of placing hundreds of keywords in the same ad group all of the clicks would go to only those popular keywords and the others would simply be ignored. These data compilations can be confusing because you are not able to see which keywords are actually performing well. You need to make sure you aren’t posting more than 10 or 20 keywords per ad group in order to get a more clear idea of how well they are performing for you. Figuring out which ones are performing best will make it possible for you to use the successful ones in other campaigns. You will no doubt fail misrably if you forget about having too many irrelevant keywords in your ad groups. 

Finally, don’t forget that becoming a successful adwords advertiser means working consistently to better your campaigns and avoid mistakes in the future.  If you are looking for a wonderful team for result driven internet marketing and advertising, check out – call (407) 876-5771 or click for more info concerning local search engine optimization, Orlando internet marketing and Orlando SEO .

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