Web Hosting Terms That You Should Be Familiar With


If you are new to web hosting then the new vocabulary may seem a bit formidable. It may seem that those involved with web hosting are speaking a different language, but it really won’t take you long to pick up a lot of what you need to know. Here is some more important web hosting vocabulary that you should know.


Bandwidth Bandwidth is the term used to describe how much data you can transfer in a month. Each time that your website gets a visitor, data will have to be transferred to their computer from your web host’s server. Every month you will be allocated with a certain amount of bandwidth and if you exceed this amount you will be charged extra. Gigabytes is the measurement that is used when it comes to bandwidth.


Storage Space as well as having only so much bandwidth you will also usually be allocated only a certain amount of storage space on the server. You will need a lot of space if you are going to have video or audio files on your website so you should make sure that you get a lot of space from your web host if you want to include these things.


File Transfer Protocol (FTP) The most common way of transferring files around the internet is by file transfer protocol. FTP has been in existence for as long as the internet.


IP Address your internet protocol (IP) address is the actual address for your net server. The IP address is numeric and it is this that the internet uses for locating your pages which will have an IP address.


Above are just a few of the terms you will hear discussed in relation to web hosting. There are quite a number of other terms that you will more than likely come across when reading about web hosting in subsequent articles.


Anybody thinking about venturing into internet marketing should have UK web hosting sorted out. The web hosting world can be a confusing one though for a newbie. For example, you may come across free web hosting or even dedicated servers while searching different options.

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