Make Very Good Money Using Google Adwords

Google AdWords is a system whereby you can bid on certain keywords and have your ad show up when someone types in that keyword on Google, if you are a high enough bidder. If someone clicks on your ad you have to pay the amount that you big on. So let’s say you bid $1 for the search term “Internet Marketing Tools“. If someone searches for Sony headphones, let’s assume your bid is high enough to appear along with the search results. If that visitor reads your ad and decides to click on it, you’ll have to pay for the click. You won’t pay more than the $1 you bid, and you could pay less, if no one else was bidding on that keyword. It doesn’t matter what that visitor does at your site. If they click through, you have to pay.

You can, in theory, make very good money with Google AdWords. It’s all a numbers game. You have to first calculate what you net revenue is for each sale of your product. If you make $10 net profit from each sale, then you can get an idea of how much you can spend to make a sale. If it costs you $5 to attract enough visitors to make a sale, your net result is $5 profit. At that point you can reasonably spend $100 and you should make 20 more sales, so that’s another $100 in the bank. You’re basically making a 100% return on your investment. These are very general numbers, and are used as an example only.

Obviously there are hundreds of factors to consider. You must do a lot of research before you invest larger sums into your approach. For example, if you do a test sample and find that one out of every ten people that visit your site, buy a product, that would mean you have a 10% conversion rate. That doesn’t necessarily mean that if you bring 1000 people to your site that you’ll make 100 internet marketing tools sales. It depends on the quality of your visitors, the time of year, and the current demand for your product, as well as a lot of other circumstances you can’t really control.

It can be a bit risky to start a campaign in Google AdWords. Since there are no guarantees on what a visitor will do once they come to your website, you are basically rolling the dice with every click you pay for. You should test, test, and retest your landing pages so that you get a good conversion rate. Make your offer so irresistible that a visitor just can’t help themselves. Make it so they just can’t click the Back button on their browser. Once they do that, chances are they won’t be coming back and you just paid for an empty click.

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