The Smart Way of Getting Dressed But Spending Less in Interview

Are you on a tight budget? You need not to be very expensive in order to look professionally. Of course, you still need to spend money in buying formal business or casual business attire like custom made shirts which is more expensive than the ready-to-wear clothes. Spending less is smarter for a start-up interview candidate like college students. You just need to get a professional advise from family and friends.

You can start ahead of time in shopping for your interview clothes. Like if you will be graduating from college, plan ahead and start buying mens shirts or blouse during sales season. You can look for more options and select those very good ones if you plan ahead of time. You can find clothes 30%- 80% off from their original prices. Also the more time you have the higher you get the possibility of getting the best clothes in the market, rather than picking the first one that fits you just because you are in a hurry. You can also go for a custom made shirts provided that you bring your chosen cut-off sale of wool or fabric in the tailor shop. In this way you can pay less for the labor, yet looking expensive with clothes.

As a student, you do not need to have more suit in the closet. Only two and not more than that, invest more on a piece of clothing that you can wear under the suit. Go for designs and material that can be worn in summer and winter. Even if it is on sale, do not buy heavy suits. Go for light wool suit or any combination of wool and other fabrics. It is also a smart idea if you have one suit for summer and one for winter. Look also for those labeled as “season-less”.

Remember that the more comfortable and good looking are with the clothes, the better you will likely to perform in the interview. So plan ahead, and you will never go wrong.

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