Affiliate Marketing – The Benefits of a Successful Squeeze Page

There is lots of  cash to be earned in the field of affiliate marketing; it’s not unheard of for a clever marketer to bring in a million dollars every year. Most individuals do not earn anywhere near that sum, and a variety of people who try internet marketing  do not bring in any money at all. There’s a reason for that – marketing successfully is difficult work, and the competition on the Web is fierce. The most effective marketers are individuals with big mailing lists, and the best tool for building a list is a squeeze page.

A squeeze page is a Internet page that exists for one purpose and one purpose only- to get visitors to register for your mailing list.  Many people will not make a purchase upon initially seeing a sales page for a product, but they can frequently be enticed to buy if they become more familiar with the product. If you possibly can get your visitors to sign up for your mailing list on their first visit, you can send them e-mail messages to persuade them to buy the product at a later date.

The structure of a great squeeze page is much less complicated in design than a conventional Web page. Most Websites have a number of features on them apart from content, such as navigation bars, hyperlinks to other pages or Websites, and ads. A squeeze page will have none of these items, as navigation bars, advertisements, and links most likely will distract the website visitor from the one thing you want them to do – fill out the form for your mailing list. Instead, a lot of squeeze pages consist only of the following:

An eye catching headline – One that will draw their attention. A lot of squeeze pages have headlines that tout the possibility of generating a large income, for instance.

Several bullet points that outline features of the product in question – A few “teasers” that promote the advantages of the product while not revealing much about it. You need to get your customers interested in the product.

An chance to be given a freebie of some kind, such as a PDF report about the product in question. Free reports are frequently quite goodhighly effective at persuading customers to purchase a product, and provide an chance for an extended description of the product’s features.

A form to register for your mailing list. All you need is a first name and an e-mail address.  Autoresponder programs such as Get Response or Aweber can help you easily produce the forms you need for your squeeze page.

Other than those items above, you do not wish anything else on the page that might distract the visitor from registering. You need them to do one thing and one thing only – register for the list. When they sign up for your mailing list, you can send them to the product’s sales page, or you can mail them extra information about the product through your autoresponder.

A popular saying among online entrepreneurs is that “the money is in the list.” Having great products to sell is essential, but having ready-to-buy customers is crucial. A good squeeze page can go a long way towards helping you realize that goal.

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