What is the Job of a Search Engine Optimization Specialist?

A search engine optimization specialist is the person that handles all the search engine optimization (SEO) tasks needed to grow your online business. He/she uses all the advanced SEO tools available to make your website search-engine friendly. The search engine optimization specialist helps you at every stage of your online business strategy.

Research work and web analytics
You may be planning your website or may already have one. In both the cases, the search engine optimization specialist will start with the research. The main subject of this research is the proper keywords. He/she has access to tools which can and will tell what relevant keywords are ranked high. The availability and marketing value of your choice of keywords are found out by him/her. Then, he/she will suggest you the best keywords. In the case of your existing website, he/she will analyze it and find out the fields where the site is lacking in terms of SEO. Then, he/she would recommend changes and provide the top keywords according to your needs.

The target audience
Identification of the target audience is of immense importance in SEO. The search engine optimization specialist does it for your business. Then he/she uses tools to reach them. He/she decides the number of levels or stages one surfer goes through, from typing the keyword in the search engine to purchase of your product or service. This also dictates the design and content of your site in some ways.

The design and content of your site
As the content and the design of your site are of extreme important for SEO, the search engine optimization specialist will guide you in creating them. For good rank from the search engines, quality of content and design should be up to the mark.

The text should be written around the keywords. The proper percentage of keywords per page is decided by the search engine optimization specialist. Writing magnetic web content with attractive headlines is a very productive SEO technique. Business blogging is another such tool. He/she will help you define a SEO code of ethics for your website. Photographs and videos should be embedded to the pages, for surfers like visual materials. The style and kind of these visual materials is recommended and sometimes created by the specialist.

As for the design, the search engine optimization specialist can help you design your website according to SEO needs. He/she may use advanced techniques like “siloing”.

Publicity for more visibility
Publicity campaign is another important part of the search engine optimization specialist’s job. For this purpose, he/she will advise you about what advertisement should be chosen. He/she will also help you through the ad campaign. The search engine optimization specialist will also help in how you should use the social networking systems of the net to increase the traffic to your website. More popularity in the social networks means higher rank in the search engines and vice versa.

Links to your website
The search engine optimization specialist helps you in link acquisition. He/she may use advanced SEO tools like ‘Widget Baits’, quizzes and awards, etc. While doing so he/she always takes care of the security and respectability of the website. Some links are malicious while others pull the respect factor down. He/she will eliminate them from the links list.

Exploring new territory
The internet today is the biggest market place of the world. You can expand your business worldwide. The search engine optimization specialist helps you find new territories for your business. He/she will suggest to you where your business should be expanded. He/she will guide you through the process. Mobile phone SEO, multilingual SEO site, etc. are new tools at the search engine optimization specialist’s hands.

For a successful online business, hire a search engine optimization specialist today. You will be happy to notice the difference.

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