Internet Business Opportunity Review – Drawbacks and Advantages of an Internet Business

Thinking of starting an Internet Business? People from around the globe are hopping online in hopes of replacing their six figure incomes they’ve been used to making in the corporate world. One thing is clear, an Internet Business is definitely easier to get off the ground, and with low start-up costs, compared to any traditional business. There are, however, drawbacks to going with an Internet Business Opportunity. In this article, we’ll have a look at both the advantages and disadvantages of this type of work at home business.

We want to begin with the Drawbacks of having an Internet Business first. If you can see yourself managing and coping with these issues, then continue on with the article. If not, carry on with a new search for the perfect job or business that you feel will accommodate your specific needs; don’t waste your time.


* You must be a self-starter and ambitious to have any business, especially with an online business from home. It’s easy to get lazy and put off ongoing work & monitoring of your business. You are your own boss, so it’s up to you to hold yourself responsible for your success. Self motivation is a must!

* Compared to having a job away from the house, having a business at home is something you do alone. There is very little social contact, unless you’re part of a Internet Marketing company or team.

* To treat your business like a business, and to avoid common distractions from what’s going on at home, you’ll need your own office or spare bedroom. In order to remain focused and streamlined, it’s important that you have an organized workspace you can call your own. There are people who run a home business without their own office, but it’s not recommended.

* One of the main reasons many people want to start an internet business is to spend more time with family; however, separating family time and business time is challenging for some types of personalities. With a home business you’ll need to perform a delicate balancing act between running a successful business and spending time with family.


* You can start an Internet business with little capital and have the potential to make millions of dollars; which makes the risk this type of business rather low, compared to other types of businesses like a franchises.

* It’s Portable. An Internet business can be run from any part of the world, as long as you have an internet connection for your laptop, and a cell phone. If you’re the type of person who doesn’t like to be tied to a business, and loves to travel, this type of business is perfect.

* An Internet Business is Global. You can market your business around the world without leaving your home. This is not possible with a traditional business.

* You do not need to hire anyone, but yourself. This also means you have no one else to answer to. You are your own boss.

* If you have kids, you’re able to spend more time watching them grow up, and not sending them to daycare. There’s no need to trade family time for money. You can even work at night when the kids are sleeping, so running an internet business is very flexible.

* If you’re a working mom or day, or a college student. This type of business has a flexible time schedule which allows you to choose when you want to work. This is a great way for college students to pay off their student loans fast; plus, they usually already have great internet and computer skills.

* With an Internet business from home, there’s no need for an expensive commercial office space. Your office is free from the comforts of home.

* If you choose the right internet business, and have great marketing efforts, you may have an opportunity for some incredible residual income.

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