A Perfectly Profitable Online Business. Here’s how to fund your early retirement in Costa Rica. Get started now for only US$49

Before I tell you more about how I discovered the perfect money making online business and before I send you the link about how my business partner earned over $ 83,000 last month, let me ask you three little questions:

If I showed you how you can create your own profitable online business which you could manage from anywhere in the world, which could earn you a six figure income without you ever having to sell anything on the phone, would you be interested?

After seeing the videos of people who are indeed making six figure incomes – even retired teachers, firemen and many professionals who have never been involved in online businesses before – would you consider doing it yourself?

How much would you invest in your new business if you knew it could make you $ 1,000 – $ 5,000 and $ 10,000 per month and more? My mentor earned just over $ 83,000 in January 2014

Hi! My name is Scott Oliver, I’m British, born in Scotland in 1960 and after living in ten countries on three continents I now live in a beautiful little country called Costa Rica in Central America which is full of stunning scenery, sunshine and smiles.

With over 30 years of business experience including ten years on Wall Street and since 2003 I have lived in Costa Rica and have been fortunate enough to make a full time, six figure income online with my main website at WeLoveCostaRica.com which has 25,000+ VIP Members with 4,000 articles and hundreds of videos, and my Spanish language luxury real estate website at CasaDeLujo.com

I’m also a professional “scribbler” (but with my poor grammar skills, I don’t feel comfortable calling myself an ‘author’) and have written four books including: How To Buy Costa Rica Real Estate Without Losing Your Camisa (Shirt), Costa Rica’s Guide To Making Money Offshore in Bull and Bear Markets and a real estate book in Spanish ¿Cómo Comprar Bienes Raices en Costa Rica, Sin Perder Su Camisa?

With a little help from my friends, we also created The Secrets To Happiness and Retirement in Costa Rica Two DVD Gift Set which sold out quickly.

A Profitable Recession-Proof Business Discovery!

Being a serial entrepreneur, I am always on the lookout for profitable opportunities in the always-changing online marketplace and when I started receiving more and more emails from some of the 25,000 VIP Members of my website asking “how can I make money living in Costa Rica?”, I started investigating real hard…

The problem for most people searching for these kinds of opportunities the first time is that they simply don’t know what to look for and, they probably do not appreciate how the internet has changed over the years either…

Why not set up your own website? And then what?
You could create your own online products perhaps?
Have you created your own products before?
Perhaps you could write and sell your own Ebooks?
Could you make money with your Amazon store?
Or buy and sell products on Ebay?
Do you know how to set up a blog or a website?
Create your own successful YouTube channel?
Become an affiliate and sell other people’s products?
Have you seen what marketing and advertising works?
Do you know what works online and what does not?

Having invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in various online businesses and hundreds of thousands of dollars more in seminars, success training and Masterminds I do have a little experience which has helped tremendously in making the right decisions.

Am I always right? Hell no! I have failed dozens of times! Most successful people have failed many times…. I have lost a LOT of money over the last 30 years to various ‘programs’ and been ripped off dozens of times but you know what? This is great news for you…

Because it means that for the last ten years I have been extremely careful and conservative and I do a ton of research before sending anybody un centavo…
When I first started investigating, I simply wanted to help out our VIP Members however, the powerful but simple online business I discovered which offers dozens of quality information products got me so damn excited after I spent a week checking it out, I bought into it myself to become a Licensee and Partner.

So I was seriously excited then …

And now, having been through their online training program – which must be the most comprehensive I have ever witnessed in ten years of making a full time living online – I am totally wired and can’t wait to show you more…

A New, Lucrative Licensing Opportunity In Your Future?

Like most licensing or franchise type businesses, there are different levels of investment ranging from $ 2,000 – $ 26,000 and yes! I invested $ 26,000 which gives me and, would also give you the best possible return for the least amount of work.

Considering this is an information products business that can generate a six figure income for you, the $ 26,000 investment is extremely reasonable. Heck! You cannot buy a Toyota RAV in Costa Rica for $ 26,000 these days.

The big difference is that unlike a Toyota RAV our business vehicle can take you all around the world and make you independently wealthy so tell me! Which vehicle would you buy?

When I started looking around for a new, lucrative opportunity there were 16 key ingredients I was looking for in my perfect, new online business:

The 16 Key Ingredients In A Perfect Online Business in Costa Rica

1.Significant Income Potential – Your income depends totally on you!
If you are looking for a business with significant income potential as in $ 1,000, $ 2,000,
$ 5,000 or even $ 25,000+ in possible income per month you gotta take a close look at this.
My business partner John earned $ 83,000 in January 2014 and I am listening very closely to what he tells me. Should you join our team, you too would have access to John’s system.

2.A Proven, Easy To Follow System To Show You Exactly How To Succeed.
Testing a new and possibly risky business could turn out to be a very expensive ‘learning experience.” At age 54 I did not want to take risks so I chose to invest in proven business system that will be profitable quickly.

3.Superb Online Training & Education.
Good training is important and helps you make money fast. This company offers hundreds of hours of training online. I have spent at least 50 hours so far going through the training materials and there is a lot more for me to learn.

4.Excellent Support.
After you have gone through your training, you may still have questions so a good support system is vital. Working with me and our team, you would have access to the company’s comprehensive training and support and, you would also have access to the support (and private Facebook Group) provided by the man who is the company’s biggest earner.

If you do not want a boss and do not want to ‘report’ to or ‘answer’ to anybody, this could be the perfect business for you.

6.Flexible Hours:
If you want to work the hours you want, if you prefer to work at midnight instead of 6am – this would great for you!

7.No BS Please:
If you want zero involvement with any government agency here or anywhere else then this fits the bill.

8.No Legal Problems:
There are some risky businesses online but if you want the lowest possible legal risk, then this would be good for you..

9.No Real Estate Problems:
If you prefer NOT to have a physical location – a store or an office – and prefer to avoid any possible problems with patentes and landlords and really, who wants to pay rent when you don’t need to? You will probably want to advertise but the overall running costs are minimal.

10.Low Monthly Costs:
If you would prefer a business with minimum running costs then this could be the perfect business for you..

11.Lowest Possible Taxes:
When you sell our information products online – and when the high-end products are sold for you (Yes! The biggest sales are made for you by highly trained professional sales people) – you do not collect Sales Tax or Value Added Tax (VAT) or whatever tax…

12.No Staff Headaches:
Having done business in Costa Rica for nearly 14 years, I also did NOT want any employees and I’m guessing that you would prefer that too, right? You may want to hire yourself a Virtual Assistant (VA) to help but I can show you where you can get full-time online online at a very affordable price.

13.Minimal Bureaucracy:
With your new profitable online business you do not want or need to buy a license to do business.

14.Low Investment:
If you’re like me you also do not want to invest $ 250,000+ buying a franchise before making a dime. With your new profitable online business system you can be up and running for as little as $ 1,997 and, when you sell the same licensed product to your business associates and customers, you will earn 50% in commissions.

15.Tax Advantages:
You want the most advantageous tax situation so that you keep as much money as possible in your pocket.

16.Portable Business:
For me the business must be fully portable meaning I do not want to rely on one country for my income because if something disastrous happened to that country I wanted to be able to move my family quickly and NOT lose my business and my income. I live in Costa Rica at the moment and as long as my internet connection is good, I’m in business.

You Are Guaranteed To Make A Commission Within 30 Days…

Here are just a few of the great benefits you will enjoy when you jump on board and join the most successful team in this company:

1-On-1 Private Personal Coaching. Personal 1-on-1 coaching with a Top Tier Coaches (all of our coaches are 6-figure earners and bona-fide online marketing experts and there time is usually booked at $ 500 hr or more).
21 Simple Steps. 21 simple steps that show you how to make your first $ 1,000 online even if you have no computer skills, want to work part-time and or transition out of a job. The steps are at your own pace.
Daily Training & Webinars. Daily and weekly training lessons, tutorials, videos, and webinars from the top producers in MTTB. You will learn more in a week here than you will anywhere else online. World-class training from world class leaders.
Done-For-You Online Sales System. The Internet’s only Done-For-You Top Tier direct sales system that will deposit $ 1,000, $ 3,000, and $ 5,000 commissions into your bank account WITHOUT you ever having to pick up the phone…
Professional Phone Sales Team. A professional phone sales team that will make all the phone sales FOR YOU. They get paid by commission only. So they only get paid when they close a sale. They have incentive to work hard for you.
Done-For-You Product Fulfillment. Done-For-You product fulfillment, payment processing and customer service (I handle all the “grunt work” for the programs sold to your leads). You don’t have to worry about a merchant account or inventory.
Done-For-You Traffic (Leads). Access to my done-for-you traffic-generation team that will get qualified leads FOR YOU. They work day and night finding the best sources for traffic online. You get a reduced cost because we buy in volume.
Insider Access To Sales Funnels & Products. Insider access to the most effective sales funnels and best-selling products in the home business niche today. They will run for you 24/7 in over 100 countries. Everything is done for you.
IM Revolution Handbook. Reveals the “nuts and bolts” of my proven business model — This information could easily be used to build a million-dollar business online.
High Ticket Commissions. We will reveal the art & science of high ticket commissions shows you how to get your start with this new business model…
Private Facebook Support Groups. To help support you and help you succeed in your profitable new online business, there are numerous Facebook support groups where you can make friends with likeminded people and have your questions and concerns addressed.

Discover How To Create Your Own Profitable Online Business
Start Today For For Only US$ 49

In 2014 our team has enjoyed an explosive start (my mentor John earned $ 83,000 in February) and we continue to build a professional new online business which has enormous potential. Since we do have our hands full we can only accept a limited number of ambitious people to work with our elite group and continue building a very profitable online, money making team.

If you are passionate about building your own profitable online business and you believe that a free and financially independent DotCom lifestyle is right for you then please fill in the simple form below.

Do You Want Your Own Profitable Online Business?
That You Can Manage From Anywhere in the World?
Here’s What To Do Now!
Fill Out The Simple Form Below
You Could Get $ 2,000+ Worth of Bonuses!

We’ve got professors and plumbers, stockbrokers and taxi drivers, young and old people (Frank aged 84 was at the most recent Mastermind) involved as part of our business and some of them are doing very well so, if you’re curious as to what’s in it for you then give me your email address below and you will get:

You get instant access to the Retirement Rebel video library of 40 videos and growing…
As a fast action bonus for the first five people (5) only who choose to become part of this business and invest in the License Rights (Don’t worry! I will explain…) you will also get private coaching valued at $ 1,995
You will also see more information about how to order the brand, spanking new Online Profits Breakthrough book that we have just finished. My co-author Matt (who’s turned a $ 700 per month online business into a multi-million dollar per month business) wanted me to charge you $ 47 for this ebook but I’ve told him that I will offer it to the first 100 people at $ 9.95 so if you want your copy, you’d better go visit now because the first 100 will go quickly…


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