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The reason businesses fail online in 2 words are “poor ranking” The information age or new economy has evolved to such an extent over the last few years that anyone can learn and profit from this macro global trend, and I’m not talking pocket change ether. There is more data available at your fingertips now than ever before in history.
I’m going to share two success secrets with you on how to make use of the latest internet business optimization strategies:
#1 Keywords

This is what drives your market and fuels your campaigns; this can be your highest priority in order to succeed online, but you have to incorporate other strategies with this one.
#2 Content
Landing Page
Page Size
Page Depth

Building valuable content that is compelling to your readers is second most important due to the fact that you need #1, keywords in your content to help make your site rank and #2, the actual content that creates appeal with Google giving them reason for placing you on their first page. These two steps are crucial to your internet business optimization success.
There is more to this though, did you see how I broke up the two steps? The different components are essential for each step to be effective! This is easier than it seems, and there are turnkey solutions to help assist you in this process of establishing your online presence. So where can you find these solutions? What if I told you there was a way. I have had a great time and allot of fun in learning different ways to market my business online. And guess what, most of it’s free marketing. You don’t need to use pay-per-click for your marketing efforts. Ever heard of Web 2.0?
What if you can plug in to a web service that offers everything you need to be successful online in one complete package?

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