Why SEO Must Be Integrated Into Your Website Design

High online visibility seems like a must these days. So what’s the single best strategy to formulate a first page result on Google? You need to have a website design that is bundled with an effective SEO strategy. Today, a great looking site has taken a backseat. The focus shifted from being visually compelling to being visible in search results.

A web design that’s perfect for SEO is simply search-engine friendly. When formulating the design of your website, it is necessary for you to wear a creative hat with caution and knowledge of optimisation. In website design, every detail matters. Here are a few design tactics that give the best ranking results.

Explore a text-oriented approach. When you select this strategy, refrain from putting up rubbish content onto your site. It’s practical to be text-friendly, but you need to be cautious of what you offer to your viewers. Bad content is truly hazardous, and can even earn you a site penalty! Another tip for you is to avoid the use of Flash and other heavy images. Flash slows down your loading time, and may even drag the indexing process.

The employment of appropriate titles, compelling meta descriptions, competitive keyword usage can add a punch to your SEM approach. These elements, regardless of how minute their importance may be, should never be underappreciated. If utilised properly, these design elements do not only intensify your site’s foundation, they also spike up your ranking results.

Certainly, there are different ways to make your site get excellent placement in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN and Bing. The golden rule is really simple: websites must be created and designed for users and not search engines! The focus should be on your target users. If your site provides relevance, usability and good resources to end users, expect it to top every search engine results page.

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