James Schramko Talks About Utilizing PDF’s

Uncover PDF traffic methods as James Schramko covers his IM strategies.


Now we will talk for a second regarding PDF’s. We can do a lot with PDF’s. We’ve made these inside the content video and they have a very high perceived value. They have a tendency to sink into a user’s computer because they go from the net to the viewer’s computer. Now you’re messages in their computer has backlinks pointing back to your properties. It is possible to put trackable backlinks within the PDF’s. We talked about it on the content section. I recommend that you employ re-directs if you wish to modify them. Search engines love PDF’s they seem to absorb them up often, even if you don’t want them to love your protected membership website stuff. You could embed them with IP addresses like I do. But PDF’s are a great weapon and we’re able to learn a handful of different websites to use these.

PDF submissions work very well and one method in which I discovered you can hijack Docstoc would be to actually use PRweb whenever you do your press announcements and you’ll end up getting PDF on Docstoc getting your message out there as well.

One more web 2.0 website is webnode. The project address is usually the URL so for search engine optimization, make sure you save as you go and put the keywords in your headline.

The other site is Scribd. It’s a very high quality site. It’s an excellent spot to insert your PDF’s and a little later I’m going to demonstrate how to automate the process of submitting to Scribd if you want to. This can be a really content rich site if you are using it well. You can actually pick up targeted buyers of your content. It’s a little bit like Ezine articles in which sometimes you get customers going there to actually research.

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