Utilizing Student Interns are An Economical Idea for Administering CPA Websites

The most effective initial contact with possible leads for most local practices are effective accounting websites.  Above all else they must make a strong picture about you. Your online presence gives you 24/7 advertising for your practice.  Even so, your online content must always be new, and this requires consistent effort. You want your clients to find your practice in the search engines.  This means your site needs to be ranked highly enough that your practice is visible.

This is hard work, and one strategy is to hire an intern that will help you manage your web marketing programs. New webmasters and students are a strong labor pool.  They generally welcome the opportunity to create web marketing programs. Here are some pointers to effectively bring a student into a practice to help create and manage marketing programs and CPA websites.

Intern Skills

You actually don’t need an intern with a lot of accounting expertise for this position. Instead the most desirable candidates will already have some experience with online marketing. They need to be skilled in SEO (search engine optimization).  They should also have SEM (search engine marketing) skills. It isn’t terribly difficult to increase your rankings, but it takes diligence and hard work. You want a steady stream of fresh content. It’s a big challlenge keeping superior CPA websites fresh and interesting. Examine writing samples, especially if any are written about financial management and accounting. You obviuosly don’t have to spend time teaching them the fundamentals of your business, but you’ll have much more luck teaching a writer to sell accounting services than you will trying to turn an accouniting student into a writer.

As a CPA, you understand the importance of a professional and dependable image for not only your prospects, but for your current clients as well. Your intern does not directly work with your clients.  However, their work represents you and your practice directly. You should carefully examine their work and make sure that it is of sufficient quality to represent you online.

Your intern needs only a basic set of math skills to be able to create and monitor performance metrics for your website. An understanding of spreadsheets and basic statistics is all that is needed to measure the effectiveness of the marketing programs over time.

Working with Your Team

You should work with your intern as you work with your permanent office staff.  This applies even though your intern may only be a temporary employee. You want to think about how compatible they will be with your permanent staff.  They will all be working together. The content your intern creates is a direct reflection of your firm.  It helps when your intern communicates effectively with your employees.

Campaign Effectiveness

Your intern can provide valuable ideas for increasing the performance of your SEO and SEM programs.  Keep in mind that it takes several months to see any kind of results. They can make valuable contributions for your CPA website.  It is a good idea to consider their input. Interns can make substantial contributions to your practice’s bottom line, so it is a good idea to keep all options open.

You might decide to keep your firm’s student beyond the scope of your initial campaigns.  They can be valuable for more programs. The field of accounting is quite competitive.  College students and new web developers can contribute greatly to your site’s success.

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