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If you have ever spent some time navigating sites on your iPhone, then without a doubt you observed a certain disparity in the layout between various web pages. Some of them are just as you would see them on your computer, complete with Barely obtainable menus and blocks of text which basically take up way too long to read. There are even issues sometimes which assortment from frustrating navigation design to flash and animations not showing up properly, if at all. The problem with these internet sites that you are trying to access is the fact that they are not properly optimized for smartphone internet navigation.


Many people today these days use their smartphones for pretty much just about every thing, such as internet navigation. If you are the owner of some site which advertises a particular offer you are promoting probably, then there is a good chance that many folks will access your website through their smartphones. Having said that, when they get on it they will see yet another hard to navigate site that isn’t made for smartphones, and chances are that most folks will simply go away without ever reading so much as sentence. If you want to turn your mess of a website into a respectable and smartphone compatible site, then you are going to need a cellular web page general contractor.



What Will a  Mobile Website Maker  Do for Me?



Well first of all, if you turn your internet site into a mobile-friendly version, then the pages will load up much faster and will even accelerate the course of action from those who have slower connections. The web site will be made to fit perfectly into the screen, regardless of the screen size you are working with. All the relevant information and important tabs will be displayed right in entrance of you like a menu, permitting you to gain access anywhere very easily. There are even features which let you to display a Google Map with directions (this feature is only available for the iPhone and the Android) as well as the ability to display Facebook and Twitter feeds.



Where to get a cellular web page builder?



While there is no doubt that there are many solutions that work out there, one of the most praised ones can be identified is    mobile website creator  at  where you have the choice between three different packages, bronze, silver and gold, coming respectively at rates of $9.97, $29.95 and $59.95 per month.


The bronze package, the cheapest one, delivers the most basic features which includes a cellular site with a .mobi area, free hosting, a QR code, Facebook and Twitter integration, as well as a slew of other features which you can explore by visiting their web site.

While the silver plan comes at a more high-priced rate, it is the most preferred one as it offers the user with the ability to totally customize and control their website, not to mention that it comes with a free Facebook fan page.


Finally, the gold plan, the most expensive one, incorporates all of the features from the previous plans and provides the owner with 20 twitter updates and Facebook submissions each and every month, heavily increasing your potential traffic.


If you would like to find out more about this  mobile website builder  then basically visit


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