Learn How To Use Web Traffic Builder Properly

As an web marketing consultant, I come over this question frequently. “What is the best web traffic builder?”

They are usually looking for some automated process that just delivers them millions of visitors with fistfuls of dough that they want to pay on that person’s website.

I hate to be “that guy” but here’s your sprinkle of cool water – come on!

It doesn’t exist. (Even so, that will not prevent people from trying to sell you one)

Let’s talk about how to build traffic to your website. I want to include one extra point here as well.  Your Traffic needs to be targeted.   Right this moment I could go spend about $100 and acquire a million visitors to my site in about a week. The issue is that the traffic is absolutely untargeted and would likely be a total waste of my money and website assets.

Supply me 1,000 extremely targeted visitors over 1,000,000 untargeted random visitors any day.

Alright, so at this point we understand we want targeted traffic, what’s the best web traffic generator for obtaining targeted visitors?

I do not like to be the bearer of undesirable news once again (twice in the same article, sheesh), but the true key element to getting targeted traffic has nothing to do with fancy pants automated software package. So called traffic software is really merely a tool to help you.  You still require to understand how to use it and to understand why you’d want to to start with.

The truth is, the best web traffic builder is merely a system that you could follow (or hire someone to follow) regularly. Virtually any process you check out if done constantly will get you more traffic.

Your whole traffic building system could be writing 1 article a day, done every day without fail. It may be making 5 forum posts everyday.   You could record 3 podcasts each week.  You could write 2 blog posts, make 5 forum posts, and record 1 podcast each week.

If you have a large budget, you could utilize ppc advertising to carry in as much traffic as you want (if you’re able to afford it), but it’s a difficult and often pricey process initially.

I am aware this isn’t as sexy and does not seem as much fun as automatic software that does all the work (and it sure doesn’t sell as well), but it works and it works well.

Choose one thing to do. Do it continually. See results.

Yes, it actually can be that straightforward. Make it more complex if you want but do so at your own risk.

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