Easy and Basic Tip on How to Buy Traffic

Everyone knows that building a steady flow of traffic makes perfect to success for any website or online business. Be it from using Pay per click targeted traffic, improving search engine results utilizing Search engine optimization, contextual targeted traffic, or some other methods. You need advertising to get your web site known. You can not have revenue, ad revenue, or member signups if nobody is aware you really exist to begin with. Our goal is to give you a jump start by sending traffic your way so that you can extend your marketing reach and have a fighting chance against your competition.

Or even bought website traffic before with poor or no results? Being a business owner personally, I purchased traffic from four others just before this site had been created. Initially, I had no idea what to look for when buying traffic. I had been a new comers to Affiliate Marketing and also finished up making a handful of critical mistakes. The very first company that I bought traffic from looked like there was well listed in search engines and had low prices. After browsing their website, I decided the idea of the program was good, and paid $89 for 100,000 hits. I quickly learned that in the online world, cheaper is not better. Soon after I started getting the hits I noticed that they appeared to be odd and non-human like. They would come from the same areas and spend no time on the website. Now it’s a fact that some people will just close your site, but my website’s statistics showed unusually large amounts of this. I canceled my order and had quite a bit of trouble getting my money back. The other three companies that I bought website traffic from were similar.

I began to notice some odd things about these sites selling traffic. It seemed that even though the site design was different, the general idea was the same thing, and even a lot of the text copied word for word. The site designs were also flawed, such as when I bought traffic at one site and the confirmation page was missing. All of these sites appear to be selling the same under different names and domains.

Seeing all these common problems on traffic purchasing websites, I came to the conclusion that numerous sites are scams or false advertising. They will take your money, give you fake or low quality “visitors” or garbage traffic from spam or bots, and become impossible to contact. If you have purchased traffic before, you may have noticed all of this too. It’s very frustrating to buy what you believe to be good traffic, and get garbage in return.

As I expanded inside the Internet Marketing industry, I chose to head the creation of this online marketing site being a service to help other site owners and online business owners stay away from this problems when promoting their site. We differentiate themselves from the competition due to our quality, service, and authenticity.

# This site is designed entirely by us, it is not cloned like most other people. Each our website and our product are real, and not an inexpensive ripoff of some other website.

# We’re simple to get in touch with. We’ve got our own contact email link at the top of every page, which is checked many times each day. We also have live support and mailing address on the “About Us” page.

# Our traffic derives from contextul links on websites in our advertising network, not from low quality approaches, bots, or even spam.

# We do not go away after you make your order. We will still answer your emails and any questions you could have.

# Refunds are made with out a annoyance. (I’ve requested other targeted traffic sites to refund me, and it’s not often easy).

I am hoping looking over this has offered you recommended of how to buy traffic, and what makes us stay ahead of the others. If you choose not to buy traffic with us, you can at least start using these guidelines to select a quality web site.

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