Three Tips For Increasing Your Facebook Fan Base

The whole planet has heard of Facebook, just about, and online businesses of all sizes are using it to brand themselves and do business. The main stay of any Facebook campaign is the mighty fanpage, and that is your link to your customers. You can accomplish quite a lot with a fan page, but the most important thing is relationship marketing. But you need fans first, and that is what we will be discussing how to do in this article. If you like Facebook advertising you will soon realize that a lot of new launches such as Wealthy Affiliate benfit greatly from this style of marketing.

1) Add a link to your fan page in your email signature so that all those who you communicate with get to know about your fan page. One good thing about email signatures is that when your email gets forwarded on to someone else your signature gets forwarded too. This can actually prove to be a viral strategy if your email starts circulating. Besides that, nowadays email is the most common form of communication on the web these days and if you’re an Internet marketer then you obviously have to communicate with new people on a daily basis. Many disregard this tactic and see it as being ineffective but you need to realize that every fan that you add to your page is precious. So more channels you use to funnel in the traffic to it, the better.

2) Ask your Facebook friends to invite their friends by suggesting your page to them. This is a great way to get more fans through your friends. You can even ask a few of them who are close to you to ask their friends to do the same. The good thing about Facebook fan pages is that they have the potential to go viral because as soon as someone joins your page, it shows up in their newsfeed. So if their friends notice this and visit your page, chances are that they might join in and become a fan too. If you are just learning about Facebook advertising and want to see how it can advertise your business then a prime example is Wealthy Affiliate.

Have a group all your own related to your niche and have your friends invite their friends after you’ve invited them. You can then bulk message an entire active group and invite them to join your fan page. Be patient, it takes time to perfect this technique but you can definately benefit from it since not many others will be attempting this strategy. You will find many more methods for building your fan page fans other than what we have talked about here. If you are willing to learn and do, then you can tap into what exists at Facebook and do very well. Be sure to learn as much as possible, and there are webinars happening every week about this every topic. This will not happen overnight, so be patient and keep working at it every day.

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