Top 3 Tips for Raising Solo Ad Conversions

Anyone who has spent a fair amount of time moving in Internet Marketing circles understands just how important traffic truly is. No one will know how beautiful your website design is or even how “spot on” your sales letter is if you aren’t getting traffic to your site. Even though there are many different ways to get traffic to your site, ezine advertising is still the chosen method for many marketers. Placing solo ads in relevant ezine publications will let you reach out to your target market at a low cost. You don’t need to have a big budget to get results with it, which is why it makes sense to use it, especially when you’re starting out. There are services being launched constantly for example Wealthy Affiliate that will take advantage of Advertising.

The audience of the ezine isn’t likely to know you when you send out your solo ad. If you want people to respond to your offer you are going to have to work quickly to invoke trust in them. How do you exactly do that? You do this by showing testimonials submitted by happy customers. It’s amazing how effective it is to convince prospects to become customers by showing them a history of excellent products on service through testimonials. This will drive conversion rates up by leaps and bounds.

Also, It’s important that you communicate well with the ezine publisher well in advance, so that everything is sorted out before the ad is sent. If you intend to personalize your ad, such as putting code that will enter each subscriber’s name into the subject line, the publisher will need to know about it. This is important because personalization is known to increase the response rate and make the ad more effective. Nowadays, personalizing any email isn’t difficult, which is why you shouldn’t ignore it at any cost. Check all of these things with the publisher before you send your ad. You can use Advertising to promote new product launches such as Wealthy Affiliate.

Be sure you check your intended ad against spam filters to make sure it won’t get blocked before it’s even delivered. There are plenty of words that could trigger a spam filter, so avoid using words like free, money, get rich, or wealth, etc. It’s important to use different words that will give you the same effect without ending up getting your ad blocked.

If you’ve spent all that time and effort creating an ad, the last thing you need is to see it end up in your audience’s junk folder.

In summary, from the above article we come to an understanding that solo advertising is here to stay, and as an Internet marketer, you should know how to take advantage of it. Before you place any solo ads, make sure you’ve done your research and chosen the right ad for the right ezine. Solo ads are not that difficult to figure out, as if you’ve done any other type of advertising in the past, the rules are basically the same. Like other aspects of marketing, you have to learn the basics and do some testing to find out what works best. If you’re new to solo ads, start small and don’t worry if you don’t strike it rich immediately; you’ll learn and improve as you gain more experience.

If you like Advertising it’s easy to realize that a lot of new launches such as Mohammed benfit greatly from this style of marketing.

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