Web Design Mistakes To Watch Out For

People who design their own websites instead of employing a web design company often make the same mistakes. Mistakes that you should avoid making include the following…

Do not center all your text and everything else on the web pages, because it looks amateurish. The books and magazines that you read always use a full page left to right layout for text, so why should web pages be any different? People are simply not used to reading large amounts of centered text and so if they come across it on your website then they will see it, instantly think that it does not look ‘right’, and click the back button on their web browser.

Choosing background music for your site can create problems because first of all you will not find music which is satisfying to everyone and secondly the site will take much longer to load. Visitors may wait for the site to load, but they will soon leave if they are being forced to listen to music that they do not like. If you really think that music is necessary then make it optional by having a play button located in a prominent spot at the top of your site’s pages.

As at least 20 percent of users either cannot run JavaScript or opt not to, avoid using it for the most essential portions of your site’s design. That means that part of your site will not work for them, and they will either think that your site was designed incorrectly or that you neglected to fix the problems that developed. Even if they have arrived at your website, if you use JavaScript you may lose 20 percent of your visitors within a few seconds.

As you design, keep in mind that the types of sites which rate the highest on search machines are predominately text and image based, not full flash as search engines are not able to read the content on these sites. But as long as you make certain there is a large amount of text included on your site, you do not have to leave flash out entirely. As the very best sources of bringing traffic to your website are Yahoo, Google, and Bing, do not disregard the advice given above as you will then get very few visitors to your site.

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