The Right Attitudes You Must Have

What does it mean?

Network marketing could really be challenging and somewhat tricky and we should not out the blame on the system nor on the companies we choose to represent or marketrather because nobody ever teaches you the right way to d ostrategies and implement them into promotional activities.

What I mean by this is, most of us that come into this industry come in full of hope and desire for more in our lives, but with little to no experience in running a REAL business, so we tend to interpret the things happening in our business through our past experiences.

That is when you go to work for someone else,you know what to expect. You put in and work in a 40hour per week basis and you are confident enough that you’ll get paid no matter what you had done within those hours; regardless how few or more you have produced and worked on with.  This is good in that there is little to no risk in this situation, except if you slack to much you may get fired.

But it can be bad because this thought construct CANNOT be carried over successfully to an entrepreneurial situation and it doesn’t allow for true personal and financial limitless growth like Online MLM or owning your own business does.

In the beginning, it can be true you could be putting in 60 hours a week cold calling Network Marketing Leads and getting little to no results for those efforts, but for those that stick it out and reach a plateau of success, there’s the other more appealing side to the coin.

Once you have an organization growing under,a one month vacation is possible for you to acquire andyou’ll still get paid the same amount or more since you’ve built equity into your business in your organizational growth. That is a freedom which is worth having, and if you haven’t experienced it yet, let me tell you it’s worth all the heartache and struggle you go through to get there. But you can’t get there thinking about your network marketing business through the same mental lens you think about your J.O.B. because it will only lead to frustration, confusion, and failure.

For instance . . .

What if you put in 40 hours of cold calling or my fortay Internet Marketing into your business in the next week and generate no financial gains from those efforts? If you think about the situation through your J.O.B. mental lens you’ll probably say,

“Man this sucks! I am paying and risking everything I have and still got nothing from it? If this doesn’t start making money in the next month or so I might as well quit and get a part time job, because at least then I know I’m getting paid for my time.”

This is well and good, but to think this way would decrease your overall personal time freedom and you would be leasing your life out to someone else’s business.

Additionally, this would lead you down a path of trying to prove to yourself your business can’t work. What I mean is you’ll stick to the script and the plan given to you by your upline just long enough to prove to yourself your system or your product doesn’t “work”.

Not what you want.

However, if you have a different way of thinking, the entrepreneural way, you will possibly approach the situation in a right way and say,

“What I’m doing right now doesn’t seem to be providing my most wanted outcome, now I know someone in this business is making it happen in a big way, what are they doing? What am I doing differently from them that’s stopping me from progress? Finally, how can I change what I do so that my business produces the results that I want in a way that I’m excited and enjoy doing?”

That’s an enterprenurial mindset.

Do you see the difference between the two perspectives?

The first only takes the situation at face value and does not attempt to push for real improvement and the second looks deeper into the current situations for possible solutions and improvements.

The same situation, yet vastly different thought patterns.

One will get you success in network marketing and one will have you quiting your business in the next 3 months.

My only point is this . . .

In your business the things that might happen could be either positive are negative and would depend on how you perceive them. Set your goals, consider getting and acquiring some Network Marketing Training Courses to improve and assist your business as well.And most of all, change your perception and you WILL change your business.

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