Informative Article Writing Tutorial Helps You Build Traffic and Promote Your Website

In this article writing tutorial, I’ll provide you 3 quick tips for how to formulate an effective article that will give you an excellent chance for ranking within the top couple of pages over at Google. Ranking highly in Google is one of the best ways to generate free traffic to your website for years to come.

One of the first things you must focus on when using the article marketing technique is a quality keyword research tool. Everything within this strategy hinges on your ability to identify and then use specific keywords that have a good amount of people searching for them each month.

However, if you pick a keyword that has a high monthly search volume along with a massive amount of competition (meaning too many sites have already optimized their articles for that keyword), then your chances for ranking high at Google plummet. You must be able to determine that “sweet spot” of high enough search volume/low enough competition.

Using the correct tools is the only way to determine this “sweet spot”.

After you’ve determined the keyword you’ll focus on, make sure you come up with a quality title for your article. Instead of saying something ineffective like: “A Nice Article Writing Tutorial”…use something such as “This Article Writing Tutorial Will Teach You Exactly How To Start Writing Traffic Generating Articles That Pre-Sell Your Customers & Translate Into Sales”.

Focus in on who wants to learn what you’re writing about and what result they actually want. Then, focus your title on helping them understand that your article will help them achieve exactly what they hope to accomplish in their business.

Before you write your article, be sure to invest a little bit of time in developing an outline. This doesn’t need to be anything fancy. Most article directories are looking for an article of between 300-700 words. If you outline 3-5 ideas, you’ll have plenty of content for an effective online article.

Try this: think about your topic and then go through the alphabet, listing out an idea that fits in with your topic for each letter.

If you’re writing about how to make money in the Global Information Network, you might brainstorm like this:

  • Ask for referrals
  • Business skills
  • California training
  • Direct Sales
  • How to Grow in this Economy
  • Free business training info

You would just go through as many letters as you need until you have 3-5 solid topics to center your article around (in this case, the Global Information Network). That’s really all you need to create a quality article. Then, write 2-3 paragraphs around each topic and you’re done!

That’s really as simple as it is. Now, it takes some practice to get good or to overcome any fears you have regarding writing. Many people feel that they just can’t write or don’t have enough grammatical knowledge. Let me tell you something…online article writing has nothing to do with what you learned in English class in school.

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