How To Create Terrific Google AdWords Ad Copy

Google AdWords has given a huge opportunity to advertisers who are looking out to promote their product and get targeted exposure. Today, we will discuss some effective ad copywriting tips that you can steal and never have to pay us for.

When you’re at the end of your ad copy, don’t ever forget that little jewel known as the call to action. But many advertisers forget this simple rule. You don’t have to trust us, but you should be willing to trust the direct response industry which proved (decades ago) that a strong call to action works better. Never forget to put your strongest benefit in each and every ad you create – people need to know that. Unfortunately, no one cares about you or what you want or like; it’s all about the reader. There’s tons of competition on the SERPS, so that is simply why you have to tell the reader why you are the one they should choose. For example, if the searcher is thinking about buying gold clubs, then he needs to get to a landing page where he gets exactly what he’s looking for. We know you do not want to waste your time, and that is why you simply must never surprise the reader with something unexpected. Each product, or service, always has one or two strong benefits, and that is what you must include in your ads. The best approach is to study other PPC ads, and you can also look-up how to write good classified ads. Just remember that all buying decisions are based on emotions and not logic. If you are able to do this, then bringing out your USP isn’t that difficult. So your ad will need to capture attention with the headline, and then you need to include a strong benefit and call to action. Your ad must also serve the purpose of making people feel that only you can do what no one else can. Your customers should be able to relate to this USP.

No matter what, please test your copy elements because it’s just so important; and always begin A/B split testing your headlines.

Take your time and create about half a dozen headlines you can use, and then begin the process of split testing. The primary thing that everything contributes to is your conversion rate for whatever your most wanted response is. Also, your offer needs to be iron clad strong, and that is another area of your sales copy you really should test, too. It’s up to you if you feel you should be an offer in your ad, so the best way to find out is to test. Always know that you must test every aspect of your ad if you want to fine tune it to near perfection. Always split test all your ads in all ad groups, and then give them 500 to 1,000 impressions to get a solid idea of which is best.

Even though you just read our Adwords ad copy tips, don’t let the information just rot in your brain – use it and do something with it. It will take some time and practice before you actually start writing good ad copy, but eventually you’ll realize the worth of developing the skill and how it can help you get more sales.

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