Google AdWords – How to Write Effective Ad Copy

In some ways, it can be a little more of problem for some people to write effective AdWords copy than perhaps a longer piece of copy. You don’t get a lot of room to work with in any PPC ad format as the ad lengths are pretty standard. Anyone inexperienced with copywriting or classified ad principles has their work cut out for them. To that end, we’ll be talking about several approaches and tactics to writing converting AdWords ads that you can use, today.

You should already know what the greatest benefits are for what ever you’re promoting. In almost all situations you want to discuss your product or service in terms of the benefits offered and not the features. If you have a software application that allows the user to do things faster, then a benefit would be the time savings. The thing to remember is that people are basically selfish, no joke, and the benefits allow them to “feel” the emotions associated with the things they want. The reason for this is, when people look at an ad, they don’t click on it because it looks appealing. So your benefits will speak to some people, not all, but some will click on it. That is why we suggest writing out a list, and what you’ll do is split test ads with different benefits.

But you’re not done, yet, and as stated you want to test your ads with different benefits to find the best one. Avoid being cute or gimmiky in your ads, and make your ads as tight as possible regarding copy and word choice. Cut out all those words that can be left out without damaging the ad in meaning or appearance. There should never be ambiguity in your ad, and people should know immediately what the ad is about. Due to the severe lack of ad space any PPC platform gives you, it really just forces you to learn how to write good ads in the way we have talked about.

Be sure to put your main keywords, for each ad group, in your display URL file extension. More best results with Google, be sure to use the appropriate keywords in your PPC ads, but don’t be stupid and try to stuff your ads. This was a pretty good primer for AdWords ads, but you should learn something more comprehensive if you’ve never done PPC advertising.

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