Saving Money with Printer Ink Cartridges

Everyone who has a PC typically uses an inkjet printer for most of their printing jobs.    Whether you are printing in volume or printing and running to Kinkos to volume-copy, if you use a lot of copy – i.e. you needs lots of printed flyers, etc. you use a lot of ink or money.  How would you like to cut that expense by 90%?  Do we have your attention now?  It is true; you can cut your printer ink bill down to almost nothing.   All you need to do is buy your ink in volume and do the rest yourself.   Then all you have to do is to refill the cartridges manually, a process that only takes a few minutes.  Well, exactly how do you go about this?   No matter how you deal with printing, also make sure you maintain your windows system registry.  You can purchase and download a top registry software package that does this.  They also perform the other registry fix functions that accomplish any needed Registry Repair.


It is really quite simple.  There are lots of firms out there that offer re-ink kits that allow you to refill the ink cartridges using their hand-inject reservoir.   This is a pretty common practice and these kits are sold in many office supply places, but there is a problem.   Most of these kits have single-use refill cartridges themselves, limiting your refill to one shot.  We have the solution to that, however.   First of all, make sure you have several good refill kits and then order your ink.

You can order a variety of machine-strength – i.e. not concentrate – ink online.   You can buy large-volume ink supplies online.  This is typically the kind of ink that commercial printers use.   Vegetable-dye inks are best and the least expensive.   Avoid any specialty-use ink because it is typically too expensive.

First, you refill the squeezable ink reservoir from the refill kit.   You can suction-draw about half to two thirds of the capacity of the reservoir.   Then you follow the instructions for the refill kit that you are using.  This typically requires you to make a hole in the plastic tank body of the cartridge so that the needle-tip of the refill reservoir can be inserted.  If there is no hole, make one with a pointed object like a sharp knife that can be twisted.   Make sure that any hole in the cartridge will be on the upper side, so it will not leak and damage your printer.  People who do tons of printing use a metal screw to fill the hole.   Then all you need is a screwdriver to remove and replace it.

Then you simply squeeze the reservoir until all the ink is injected into the inkjet ink cartridge.  Always wear plastic or rubber gloves and work on a protected surface.  

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