Home Based Business – The Positive and the Negative Aspects

“Work is part of human life. It is through this that people earn money to survive the daily expenses that need to be incurred to continue living, not to mention the basic requirements for providing food, clothing and shelter. The concept is the same whether you are working in an office or at home. One important difference, though, is the issue of time.

Nowadays, we see many people working at home but just like any other work or business, there are always two sides of the coin – when advantages are present, disadvantages also exist..

If you’re planning to open a home based business, there will be several positive aspects. One is for you not to have to leave home everyday and spend money on gas or a commute. It is basic that as a home based business owner, you get to control your own schedule. You are also exempt from paying taxes since a home based business is likely considered small in a technical sense, although it can grow big beyond what you may imagine. When you works at home, there is no need for such worries as leaving the kids with a nanny or the house unattended.

But a home based business can be very stressful since you only have yourself to depend on. The temptation of just giving up is very prevalent especially when you realize that you don’t have time to be with your friends or loved ones. When you feel this, your success rate decreases.

You still have to act as though you were in a typical office where you have to work and your productivity is crucial even if you run your business at home. And because you work at home, you’re probably going to miss socializing with people or seeing the outside world that you would tend to lose out on the real essence of life which is to enjoy it with those you love.

Either way, working is up to your own preferences. Although a home based business also has a few drawbacks, the benefits will still far outnumber them. It is basically up to you how you’re going to manage your life. As they say, it’s all about time management. One thing a regAular 9-5 office schedule can’t give you is flexibility. With your own business run from home, you are the master of your time and your life.”

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