SEO Link Vine – You Can’t Show Me A Better Way To Build Backlinks

There are way too many hypey and scammy IMers out there. You know, the guys who claim that their massive 100-square foot house is theirs, along with their 5 ferraris. They are preying on your hopes and dreams and desperation to give your family a better life, just for their own gain. Not me. I will show you how I use SEO Link Vine, a website by Brad Callen, to build backlinks and increase exposure for my website.

Let me introduce myself. I’m Johnson Kee and the website I’m going to be getting ranked up is I’m the writer of this article… I didn’t pay someone else to do it for me. I wrote it in SEO Link Vine, writing three copies of every paragraph such that search engines would see it as unique. I haven’t tested it, but I think with three variations, it would be deemed as copied content.

How do you feel about being constantly sold at, time after time when you’re online? Hey that rhymes. Hehe. At any rate, you won’t expect any of that from me. I’m just going to be building backlinks until I get to #1, Page 1 for my keywords. You can follow my progress on YouTube. I will post up my results videos every Saturday.

Let me just talk a little bit about the content that I actually publish on Brad Callen’s website, There has been concerns that it’s promoting scam websites, simply because people can publish content from all over the place. Not true. You write a piece of crap content, it’s not going to get published. People can view your article body before they publish it. If you get published, great. You’ll start getting backlinks, they get quality content, everybody wins.

The main reason that SEO Link Vine has been so popular is because you’re allowed to put in one more backlink in your articles there than you do in You’re also allowed to direct link in SEOLV, meaning that you can go straight to an affiliate page, unlike, who prohibits it.

It’s pretty straightforward, what I do. I just focus on writing a single article a day, then going back and writing two more variations for that article for each paragraph. If the paragraph is too big, I simply break it up and write different copies of sentences, which is better anyway, because it gives more variety in my spinning once people publish my content. It makes me sick, that the gurus sell crap all the time. I for one am going to prove that it works by putting in some effort. Hopefully you enjoy my progress.

A lot of us are making a good income online, but more of us should be doing so. It’s a shame that it’s still viewed as a scam when really, it frees people from their 9-5.

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