Fast And Easy Approval For Your CPA Network Application

Some online marketers complain because they just can’t seem to get into the CPA networks; well, it’s really easy if you learn how to go about it. Well, you’re in luck today, we’re going to discuss 3 proven tips that will help you get into at least most of the major CPA networks.

The first tip is to wait at least one day after submitting your application before giving them a call to see if they’ll call you first. Doing this will save you from extra complications later. When your application is in, the affiliate manager will typically inform you that he or she received it by sending you a confirmation email. This is a great place to get the affiliate manager’s contact information, such as phone number and email address. The day after you get the email, you should use that phone number to call the affiliate manager. This gets you approved quicker for a number of reasons. The first thing is, the affiliate manager will immediately see you as a go-getter and someone who’s not afraid to take chances to succeed. Secondly, it’ll quicken the whole process since you won’t be waiting around to get a call from the network. Not only that, but there are many reasons why you’ll want to reveal everything about yourself to the CPA network. Your job is to look as professional and approachable as possible. When you call the affiliate manager, it allows him to see your application right there, and that makes answer questions easier. You are trying to form a professional bond that can grow over time.

When you apply, be smart and don’t use any info that is not accurate about yourself. In the end they’ll find out about it, and they’ll ban you and keep any commissions you’ve earned. They have a lot of resources and tools to verify your information. All kinds of things can happen, for example you decide to fill out an application, but you’re vacationing somewhere like in another country. When applying from there if you put in your USA address, it might trigger off their IP address alarm. The thing to do if there’s anything unusual in your application is to just tell them about it ahead of time. So just let them know the truth about your details for best results and no hassles.

What you’re going for is an application that says that you’re really serious about doing business. When you submit your application for approval, the affiliate manager will usually go to your website to see if it’s working and also to see if it has content that’s appropriate. Another thing the affiliate manager will look for is ads from other networks, which makes you trusted even more. So if you have been accepted by another network, you’ll want to ensure you have at least one or two banner ads from those networks on your site. You may find that a little detail like that is all the manager needs to approve your application.

All CPA networks have a reputation to uphold, plus they need to look for the best interests of their vendor-advertisers. Take your time and use the tips and suggestions we talked about, here, and a little common sense, then you’ll be gold.

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