Get Approved By Any CPA Network with These CPA Tips

Getting accepted CPA networks isn’t that difficult if you know what you’re doing. In this article we will be going through a few simple tips that will help you get approved by the majority of the CPA networks without any major problems.

You can make the application process easier by listing yourself as a company. Most affiliates are going to apply as individuals and they’re going to do everything themselves.

You can register a company quite easily online. All it takes is registering and then waiting about an hour for it to go live. When you list a company name instead of your own, you tell the affiliate that you’re ready to do business. To tell you the truth, networks would rather deal with companies than individuals anyway. The reason for that is many networks have been duped time and again by scammy affiliates who fake the leads and bring huge losses. Therefore, when you apply to them as an established company, you’ll sound more believable and they’ll find it easier to trust you. But you also have to think that you have a company now and that means you have an opportunity for real growth. You will also want to have a site for your company that describes your mission statement and what you actually do. You might say that you’re an online marketing business looking to garner some great leads. Just know that once your application is approved, you can go into any sort of marketing you wish as nobody’s going to second guess you, and they won’t even pay attention to you unless you break the rules somehow.

Don’t make the mistake like a lot of affiliates do, which is to mark the box that has to deal with promotions by emailing if you know nothing of email marketing. That’s because CPA networks have strict policies against spam and they’ll look at your application with a magnifying glass to make sure everything’s in order. They have really strict guidelines against email marketing. You might be a really good affiliate but if you don’t know anything about email marketing or how to answer questions about it, you might get declined. When the affiliate manager calls you, he/she will scrutinize you in various ways if you have the email marketing option checked. If you aren’t able to answer the questions in the right way, then you’re not going to get approved, and all your hard work will be for nothing.

Most of the time affiliate managers tend to have extra questions that they want to ask you regarding the application, and they may call you for the same reason. So expect another call to come and always answer it. Many applications get denied just because the applicant didn’t respond to the call or made the effort to respond through email. This will only cause things to go longer as there are some questions that need to be answered on your application before the affiliate manager can approve your application. There may be times when you’re absolutely unable to answer the phone and if this happens just call back when you can to explain what happened.

The affiliate manager should see that you’re willing to do what it takes to get approved, and if he sees that he’s likely to give the approval on your application.

CPA networks have to take care of their vendors, or advertisers, so they need to screen as much as possible. Like in so many other areas, some old-fashioned common sense and our tips should clear the way for application success.

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