How Can You Make Money From Writing SEO Articles

These days a lot of people are making their money online. And by earning money I don’t mean exchanging pretend currency in Runescape of Second-Life. I’m actually talking about people who make real money from doing work on the internet. In a lot of cases people began to do this as a hobby but soon started to see that they were making enough to make it a full time job. For instance there are many bloggers who have been able to create a full time job from their hobbies. Another way that some people make money online is by writing SEO articles for others.


SEO is an important aspect of those wanting their websites to stay at the top of the search engines. This is something that needs to be happening continually with the addition of fresh content to web pages. Because it can take time and effort, many website owners are prepared to pay someone to do this work for them. This is how SEO article writers can make their money; they get paid to write articles that website owners do not have the time to do.


How much money can be made from writing articles will depend on the experience of the writer and his ability to find the work. For those who are willing to write for below the minimum wage, there is plenty of work out there but not so much when it comes to higher paying jobs. There are some who will only pay around £1 for an article of 300 words while others are prepared to pay £20 for just one word. You can make a good living from this type of work if you are skilled and if you prove that you can do it. The hardest part will be finding the opportunities where you can prove yourself.


Everybody that owns a website is aware of the advantages of having Search Engine Marketing. SEO companies can help you with a variety of things, like Article Marketing. Don’t play Russian roulette with your site, so get a good SEO company in to help. But SEO is only part of the equation, web hosting Reviews are equally important.

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