Twitter Marketing Mistakes that You Must Be Careful to Avoid

Does Twitter have the ability to assist you with promoting products? It is definitely able, but first you must learn the mistakes to avoid so that you can make the most of it.

Don’t commit the first mistake most new Twitter marketers make which is to get too personally involved with those on your follow list. While you’re sending random tweets in the hopes that you’ll get trusting followers, you can’t get too personal with them or else they won’t respect you. Whatever you choose for your subject matter, make sure you stay on subject and keep your personal life out of it. The people following you won’t have patience for what food you like or don’t like, or about how much you drank last night. They only want to hear about the subject you’ve focused on, and how they can benefit. You can let your hair down and be funny or laid back, but you should keep it within the realm of the niche you’ve focused on. If you happened across a video or audio clip that was within your niche, this would be perfect for tweeting to your followers. While you’re not necessarily assisting them with an issue they may be having, your tweets will become entertaining to others. You are keeping within your niche and you’re sending them a fun tweet that will let them know a little more about you and your sense of humor. If you want to let others know what you’re up to and where you’re going tonight, you should make another Twitter account and keep them separate. Don’t straight away shoot out promotional links to your followers. If you want to recommend them a certain product, first warm them up about it. The best way to do this is to give them some useful information initially and then offer them the product you’re trying to promote. If your offer has to do with getting rid of acne, then you should first offer some advice on acne and why one should rid themselves of it. Also give them a few other solutions that are available to treat the problem but are either ineffective or out of reach. You must let them know that your product is the very best out there and you must also convince them that it’s an urgent matter. This is how you get people to click on your links, as people will not respond to strangers just coming up to them and tossing links their way. You don’t want them to think you’re a pushy salesman, and instead you want to be seen as a helper of their problem.

Another common mistake that Twitter marketers make is by going too corporate in their approach. They try to impress their followers with their status and professionalism. But the real fact is, on Twitter, you want to interact with a real person, not someone who’s behind a corporate shield. Your goal on Twitter is to be flexible, which you can be when you aren’t speaking on behalf of a company. But when you present a corporate image in front of your target audience, they would automatically start to pull away, which is something you don’t want.

Overall, Twitter marketing is fairly straightforward as long as you approach it the right way and steer clear of the mistakes we’ve been discussing.

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