Creating Sales Letters a challenge for you?

Who is Jason Fladlien? If you have been into affiliate promotions or other kinds of affiliate promoting  with article marketing , then perhaps you have  noticed information write-ups about Jason Fladlien & his copy-writing techniques.

It wasn’t always that way for Jason, as he was living in his father’s apartment , working  for $12 an hour as a house painter – until he relized that his article writing abilities was worth more money than he was currently earning .  He stared out by trying to supplement his income using Affiliate Marketing. He selected a product he choose to promote, wrote articles about it and much to his surprise he made money.. This was Jason’s first “ah ha” moment &  he started copy writing & creating article marketing products that were directly targeted to affiliate marketers that were struggling developing their own .

Jason has an effective way of teaching his techniques , in layman terms, & how to actually take action today & follow through on what what what has been taught . Jason has often referred to himself as a “madman” but he brings the point home that you need to implement what you learned by taking action today. How To Create a Report in 48 Hours or Less That You Can Sell For $47-$97 or How To Write An Article in 7 Minutes are definitely some of the best of Jason Fladlien Products.

A distingushing point of Jason Fladlien products from all the others , is that he is straight up in telling you exactly what you are getting with his products.  No partial information & a additional purchases of more products to complete .  With Jason’s sales letter template product, he gives you 7 pre-written sales letter templates, that are actually written by him. They are written in “Jason Style” targeted to convert your website visitors in to taking action.

Now to commission Jason Fladlien to develop one sales letter , he charges over $10K , so why not take the advantage of having 7 written by him in his product.  Of course you can give your sales letters a custom touch by plugging in to the templates your own information.

Another thing is Jason’s generosity of the bonus he gives away .  For me, his techniques and marketing lessons are eye openers and invaluable He also has excellent accessible customer service. Check out Jason Fladlien Products  & his free reports at the website & take action today.

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