Don’t Waste Your Time Making These Common Link Building Mistakes

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The hardcore truth is – backlinks help you make money. When your site hits the first page you will notice an instant increase in visitors and that increase can translate into an increase in earnings that your site in to you. That’s why you hear of so many people asking about backlinks and where to purchase good backlinks from. There’s absolutely no doubt whatsoever that by purchasing a few high pagerank backlinks, you can positively grow your rankings. However, for the ones who don’t have the money to invest, they can put in the time and effort to build backlinks for free. If you were looking for the easiest way to boost your Google Pagerank, for free, and without breaking the rules, then linkbuilding is what you have been searching for. There are hundreds of authority sites that you can find by doing a little research and the best thing is when you place your backlink on the site you will be awarded by the search engines as being affiliated with it.

Building free backlinks takes a significant amount of time, so a lot of professional SEO people don’t do it. This means that the field is open for anyone who is willing to put in the time to get these powerful backlinks for their own sites. But there’s one downside to this, you have to be very careful how you’re spending your time building these links. Adding your site’s URL to low value sites will suck up a lot of your time. If you want to learn about some of the pitfalls that comes with the territory then read on.

If your objective is to build a long term business on the web, one that gives a high return on investment, then don’t take link building lightly. Many people try to abuse the whole link building process by spamming sites like Wikipedia, Youtube, popular blogs and forums. In fact, one of the quickest ways of your site being penalized is when the search engine finds out that your site’s URL is being spammed across the internet. So there’s nothing great in blasting your link out to these big sites in the hope of getting instant ranking. In fact, you won’t gain any ranking and will lose some in the end.

One method that may seem counterintuitive at first is be sure to focus on getting links from sites that are relevant instead anyplace you can. No matter what, your aim should always be to hunt for backlinks only on those sites that are relevant to yours, its just common sense. If you have a site on gardening and you get backlinks from a dating site, it would be literally worthless. It does take some effort on your part to actually discover sites in your niche market that are relevant to yours, but if you start your research, you should end up with quite a huge number of websites to link to. The internet is huge so there is a site that is relevant to yours, no matter how small the niche is.

A site with a bad reputation can also hurt your site if you have a link on your site to it. Many times in the past a site that had a good reputation ruined it by suddenly using “black hat” techniques Always check to see where your links are pointed to. Building links that put you ahead of the competition takes patience but the results are worth it. A little patience and concentrating on quality links will make your site a powerhouse on the first page.

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