Powerful new method to take over Google rankings

A link wheel is a set of various links and websites which point back to your site. A link wheel is created by setting up a variety of Web 2.0 properties and other mediums which generate “do follow” links which then link back to your site(s).

The theory is that by having a network of links from a variety of high ranking sites, this will ultimately improve the position page rank of your site. There is some discussion around whether the google algorithm ranks these negatively, and I would not suggest only using link wheels as a method of building your links. I would suggest that having one or possibly two link wheels out there may be ok, but more than that could negatively affect your ranking. Link building needs to be an ongoing process, with regular time applied to building links. Do this slowly over a period of time and this can positively impact your returns in search engine rankings.

So how do we build a link wheel?

Start with a web 2.0 property, such as a Squidoo lens. Setup a site which is relevant to your topic or niche and create a link to your website from this page. Next, write an article with a link to your Squidoo lens. Next create a page on hub pages linking to your article. You then have the options to “close” the link wheel or keep it open. There are different schools of thought on which is the preferred option, with differing thoughts on each. If you choose to close the wheel you would link your website back to your hubpage effectively completing a complete link that goes in a circular motion, hence the use of the word “wheel”.

Now there are a number of other properties that can be added to this process to increase the size of the wheel including Google knoll, Blogger etc. If you are building multiple link wheels, it is recommended that you vary the order and process of the links as they may be discounted otherwise, which may not improve your websites ranking.

Building links to a website is imperative, as it can improve the perceived popularity of the website in which you building the links to. If you think about it this way, the more times that a website appears as the search engine spiders crawl the web, the more important that site is perceived to be. It is particularly important to ensure that you constantly have the same keywords, or anchor text when placing links as this will mean that the links that you build are associated with the same keywords or niche as your main site.

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