MyOrganicAcres Organic Produce Delivery

Organic Acres, based outside of Portland  Oregon, has announced plans to begin nationwide Organic Produce Delivery for the 2010 season. Individuals can lease a 240 square foot garden plot and OrganicAcres will plant the seeds and grow your organic produce for you. Sell your produce through the Online Farmers Market, or receive produce delivery directly to your home.  Lease an  organic garden through My Organic Acres and choose what vegetables will be grown for you. Non-Garden owners can purchase Organic Food online through theOrganic Acres general store.  The MyOrganicAcres General store not only includes Organic Produce, but a number of quality natural and organic products for the home. These products can be delivered to your home, or to a local hub where you can drive to pick them up. Using local hubs for shipping saves you a great deal of money when it comes to shipping costs. If you are looking for organic produce in the portland oregon area you can stop by our organic produce farm and pick up your order! 


Online Farmers’ Market will also be available allowing consumers to purchase organic produce online directly from the leasee. Therefore, indiviuals can have their own organic produce garden and sell the organic produce online without ever taking a step into the garden. Fantastic!

Imagine having your own garden plot of fresh organic produce . Or maybe your own plot of nothing but organic pumpkin! Maybe Peppers and Cucumbers. The possibilities are endless with MyOrganicAcre because YOU CHOOSE what to grow.

The organic produce is delivered fresh to your home at a low cost. Local pickup may also be available in your area. 


We’ve got fresh Kyoto Mizuna Mustard Greens so order today!


Get your preference in now so that you can have fresh organic produce delivery

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