Are Marketing Managers taking up the challenge of On Line Marketing

In the current economic situation it is widely know that most companies are being forced to slash costs in order to stay solvent. One of the first budgets to be decreased is often the marketing budget as the impact of shrinking it is less obvious than lots of the others. The consequences are often only seen later in the future and to cash strapped organizations it is regularly the easiest decision to make.

 Only the most cost effective marketing can therefore be undertaken but are marketing companies aware of what the more cost effective options of Online Marketing are? As web purchases continue to grow hugely in the vast majority of product areas this must surely be the best area for most to spotlight their concentration, and any reduced marketing budget on.

 However marketing professionals are not liable to be skilled in the new techniques of search engine optimization, frequently the most cost effective way to market your organization on line. They are more likely to be using pricey and sometimes less than fertile “pay per click” services if they have even thought directly about growing customers from their website at all.

 One option they may consider at this phase is to consult with their web designer, an approach that may sound, on the face of it, quite sensible. However the web designer is in general very centred on the technical performance of the website itself and not used to considering the needs of a customer and how they may be attracted to the site. Their abilities lie in their coding not in customer behavior analysis. So other options for the Marketing Professionals are to either purchase the SEO service from one of the Search Engine Optimization Company providers marketing themselves on the internet of course, or alternatively bring the skills within the business.

 There are some very good search engine optimization courses available now and the company should consider either placing one of it’s current staff through such a course or on the otherhand taking on a new member of staff who has equipped themselves with the skills in optimization via such a course.

 Investment in training in this testing climate may not initially seem sensible but taking into account the large benefits that can be achieved by good Search Engine Placement rankings at relatively low costs it may be that there is soon a big demand for people trained in this new skill. This in turn could open up new career opportunities for lots of people who would not have believed the internet a suitable venue for their new career.

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