Affiliate Marketing: Using Videos To Promote Products


Yes, you can promote your Affiliate Marketing products through videos as well. This is the age of Internet where the Web 2.0 technologies rule. Viral marketing has emerged as one of the best ways to effectively promote a product or service. You can make the video and upload it on your website, blogs, or vlogs. It has been found that if you use quality videos along with some valuable written content, it really works wonders in attracting more web traffic to your site. It will also dramatically increase the conversion rate. Conversion rate is that portion of web traffic that actually follows the affiliate links and makes a purchase.

Submitting The Promotional Videos On Youtube

Youtube is undoubtedly the best of all video upload sites. Millions of visitors access this site on a daily basis. Therefore, you can easily find lots of viewers for your video. If the content of the Affiliate Marketing video is useful and valuable for the users, they are likely to follow the affiliate link and purchase the product as recommended by you. Furthermore, since Youtube allows its visitors to get the code of the videos and publish it elsewhere on any other website or blog, it can popularize your products along with your affiliate link at a rapid pace. The word can spread all over internet like viral fever. That is the reason why it is also sometimes referred to as viral marketing.

What is more, the very fact that Google is the owner of youtube makes this method more powerful. We all know that Google is the king of all search engines. Your Affiliate Marketing website traffic depends upon the page ranking offered by google. Therefore, submitting your videos to youtube can also help in getting a higher page rank for your website. However, it will depend upon the popularity of the video.

Youtube is a powerful media to get started with the viral promotion of your Affiliate Marketing products, but you do not need to stop there only. There are many other video upload websites as well, and you are recommended to use them as well, such as Daily Motion, MetaCafe, Yahoo Video, MySpace Video, and many others. Keep in mind the simple formula that the more videos you will submit at various places, the more traffic you will be able to generate for your affiliate marketing site.

Things To Keep In Mind While Making The Videos

You do not have to be a professional video maker to create the promotional movie. However, if you are trying to promote the products yourself, you should take great care regarding your dress and the ambience. Never dress sloppily. This will make the visitors feel uncomfortable and even if the content of the video is good and informational, they may not want to watch it. What is more, you are also not recommended to use webcams to make Affiliate Marketing videos.

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