Tips for Creating Profitable Websites

All IM marketers should realize the importance of their website design in the marketing process. It’s not like you can put just anything up, never updating it, and then think you’ll make good money from it. Few things in online marketing are truly as easy as they look. Fortunately, it’s really not all that difficult to make your website an effective marketing tool. With just a few simple steps and a few minutes of your time you can greatly improve the impact your website will have on the people who visit it. So let’s discuss what you can do right away to meet those objectives. Dominating Google

Find a balance between images and text. If you are like many internet marketers, your instinct may be to use many images and not much text. They assume that site visitors do not have the patience to scroll through lots of text. Once again, it’s a question of balance; you don’t want to use too much text or too many images on your pages. When you use too many images, it makes your website take longer to load; just as too much text can test visitors’ patience, so can a site that takes too long to load. There is also the problem that people might think that you are mainly using pictures to sell an item because it doesn’t have enough good qualities that you can write about it. The balance between text and images is a fine line, but once you find it, you should take care not to cross it.

Don’t install sound on your website that plays automatically when someone enters. While a sound or video that plays automatically can grab someone’s attention it also usually turns them off. The effect of a loud soundtrack can be similar to an obnoxious TV commercial; in both cases, the instinct is to turn it off, or in the case of your website, click away to somewhere else. People may be open to listening to an audio file or watching a video, but they want to be able to choose to open it themselves. Consider that you could be losing thousands of dollars in sold products if your sound or video is automated and causing people to click away from your site. Internet Marketing Expert

Another factor to consider is how your website looks at different resolutions; ask someone who knows how to test this help you. Remember that there are many grades of monitors, and some have much higher resolutions than others. You don’t want a website that only looks good in high resolution, because many people will not being able to view it this way; it should look good in all resolutions. You can’t assume that all of your visitors are able to afford a computer with a high definition monitor. The easiest way to check this is to change your monitor settings. Ideally, your site will not change very much when you view it at a variety of settings.

Earning online does not need to be hard because it’s really not. If you have a good website you can sell just about anything online. Of course, making sure that your website is good will take time and effort on your part. If it helps get you going… just know that the more effort you give to your site, the more money you’ll end up with in your pocket. Presenting a great site to your market is common sense, and following the suggestions you learned today will only help you, too!

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