IM Eye Vs Wordtracker – Unbiased Keyword Research Review

In terms of  keyword research in Internet Marketing, Wordtracker is almost certainly the tool of choice. It comes with the status of becoming the most comprehensive and best structured standard keyword research tool in the marketplace. I understand I used it to locate search terms for one of my most successful sites ever.

But at this moment there’s a brand new keyword tool that claims to transform the way we search for keywords. It’s known as IM Eye. In this article I will examine the attributes, functionality and worth of IM Eye with Wordtracker.

The quantity of data:

In it’s latest version IM Eye contains a database of more than 2 million keywords. Wordtracker claims to contain much even more. Each softwares continually scour the web for brand new search terms and update their software regularly. The big difference here is that IM Eye has chosen to eliminate all search terms that have  monthly searches. It may not seem like a big deal but it will save you quite a few time in  keyword research because the only terms returned are types with real search traffic.

The kinds of data contained:

Both IM Eye and Wordtracker include a list of keywords of a particular search term and the amount of monthly searches for every single keyword. Beyond that IM Eye really shines. It also contains the amount of competing webpages for each search term. This function lets you narrow out terms with too much competition. IM Eye contains data on how much a particular term costs per click in Pay per click. Using this data you can identify potential PPC markets. IM Eye includes the amount of domains that have a certain keyword in the title which yet again offers you a impression of the competition. It also informs you if the product for this keyword is being offered on Amazon or by way of Youtube. Furthermore it will explain what domains (.net,.com, etc.) are still available for a particular term.

Acquiring all that information is unbelievable enough, but the software truly makes it super easy to sort and classify. IM Eye has a basic user interface where you can search for all kinds of information you want. For example, let’s say you want to find out all keywords that cost less than 20 cents per click. With IM Eye all you need to do is control your search dependent on that standards and in a instant you have a enormous list of keywords you need to use for your recent or brand new business.

The ideal usage of per program:

The value of each of these tools for pure Affiliate Marketing I’d say that IM Eye wins hands down. The quantity of data it includes is astounding and the way it is structured will help you locate keyword terms that you could develop businesses around. When it comes to writing articles or contributing relevant new content to an current website Wordtracker probably has the advantage. That’s because it contains more search terms than IM Eye.

On the whole value rating:If I had to pick among these software tools, I would go for IM Eye. In terms of  keyword research, it’s simply a total game changer. As the inventors like to point out, with IM Eye huge value keywords basically find you. That makes developing successful sites a lot easier.

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